Police Called To Break Up Figure-Skating Fight. Yes, A Figure-Skating Fight

The skaters involved were at the end of a long week of national championships.

Police officers were called in to break up a brawl amongst figure skaters at a Canada hotel this weekend, proving that perhaps figure skating isn’t all just sequins and twirling.

One man cut his cheek in the scuffle, but no serious injuries were reported, according to Canada’s The Globe and Mail. The fight broke out at the end of a grueling week of figure skating national championships at Mississauga’s Delta Measdowvale Hotel and Conference Center.

The police were called around 5 am to deal with the noisy disturbance after a complaint from hotel staff allegedly went unheeded. Sergeant Pete Brandwood said police sent the fighting skaters to their respective rooms.

No one needed medical attention and no arrests were made.

Skate Canada’s director noted that the fight began as a celebration, and that the skaters — all ages 18 to 22 years old — had just finished an intense week of competition.

“As with many competitions, the skaters let off some steam on the last night. And it seems some of them maybe were letting off a bit too much steam,” he said. “We are looking into the situation because it’s not acceptable, when they come to an event, to have something escalate to a point where the hotel has to get extra assistance.”

Slipchuk doesn’t think the fight had anything to do with the the championship or skating rivalries. “From what we’ve been told, it had nothing to do with the results or the skaters in the event. … This was an isolated incident that just went a little too far.”

None of the best skaters were involved in the fight, notes the director. Slipchuk emphasized that the incident didn’t involve “any of our notable or high-profile team members. Our top skaters do not get involved in things like that.”

“We don’t want it to escalate into a bigger situation. It’s kids being kids,” he said. “It seemed to get a lot more legs than probably it should have.”

Apparently Michelle Kwan wasn’t the only skater partying it up over the weekend.

[The skaters in the featured image are not involved with this story]