Melissa McCarthy Doesn’t Sweat Her Trolls, ‘If Somebody Is Being Mean, They’re Probably Really Not Happy’

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When she faces adversity in her life, Melissa McCarthy is sharing the different and more honorable way that she likes to handle it.

In the latest issue of People, McCarthy dishes on a number of topics, including how she handles herself when she is criticized. Most recently, the 47-year-old dealt with a ton of backlash for her remake of Ghostbusters in 2016. But instead of losing her cool and flipping off the handle, Melissa chooses to take the high road in response to the naysayers.

“Weirdly, instead of getting mad at them, I always feel like, ‘Oh, I hope you meet someone soon that you can talk to, someone that really makes you laugh,'” the comedienne dished while also noting that she roots for those people to just find a little bit of “joy” in their lives.

McCarthy also noted that she tries to look to the men in her life that have made life better and remember that they’re the norm, not the men in Hollywood who we’ve heard about recently, getting involved in questionable behavior. Melissa makes a point to share that sitting at home alone and “bawling” isn’t going to fix anything, so she doesn’t want to just wallow since it accomplishes nothing. McCarthy hopes to pass along this positive message to her young daughters while encouraging them to think about why bullies may be lashing out.

“If somebody is being mean, they’re probably really not happy.”

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On the flip side, McCarthy notes that when you’re having a good day, you wouldn’t go out of your way to yell “freak” or something negative at someone. Instead, you would walk by and say something like, “I love your skirt!”

As of late, the mother of two has been busy promoting her latest project, Life of the Party, where she plays the role of a middle-aged mother who is abruptly asked for a divorce by her husband. She then decides to follow in the footsteps of her daughter by going to college to complete her degree, according to IMDB.

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And on her press junket, McCarthy also proved that she really is the life of the party. During an appearance on the Today Show, she dished that she and World of Dance star and judge, Jennifer Lopez, recently had a dance-off at pal Ellen DeGeneres’ 60th birthday bash. After a few drinks, McCarthy got up the courage to show off her dance moves to J-Lo and then danced the night away. The pair gushed over the evening, saying that they had the best time at the party with one another.

Life of the Party hits theaters on May 11.