Bill Cosby Sentencing: Cosby Will Likely Die Behind Bars If Prosecutors Get Their Way, ‘Radar Online’ Reports

Mark MakelaGetty Images

Bill Cosby’s sentencing date is still weeks away, but already there are indications that the disgraced actor and comedian could be headed to prison for a very long time — possibly the rest of his life.

After Cosby was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, there has been much speculation on what kind of prison time he will receive. Cosby faces the possibility of 30 years in prison, but some experts believe he could make a bid for leniency given his advanced age and health conditions. Prosecutors are hoping it will be a harsh sentence, Radar Online is reporting.

The celebrity news outlet claims that prosecutors are planning to ask the judge to put Cosby behind bars right away rather than the house arrest that many had predicted he would receive.

“Prosecutors will ask the judge to not only sentence Bill Cosby to prison, but to remand him into custody immediately at the sentencing,” an insider told the outlet. “Bill’s attorney’s are expecting the prosecutors to ask for the maximum sentence, 10 years in prison on each count, but he would likely serve the sentences concurrently.”

The report added that the 80-year-old Cosby could likely die in prison if prosecutors get their way.

Bill Cosby remains under house arrest until his sentencing, and some experts believe that he has a chance to stay there for a very long time. Joey Jackson, a legal analyst for CNN, said it appears that Cosby will be able to remain in his home as the sentencing and subsequent appeal process plays out. The judge in Cosby’s case has already shown a willingness to let the actor stay in his Philadelphia mansion given his age and visual impairment. Jackson added that the initial mistrial could give Cosby grounds to try to appeal his subsequent conviction.

Brian Claypool, a Los Angeles defense attorney, told People that Cosby will likely be able to drag out the appeal process for quite some time, allowing him to live in his home for months or possibly years. By the end of that process, Cosby could request a shorter prison sentence given his declining health.

There is not yet a specific date for Bill Cosby’s sentencing, but Pennsylvania guidelines require that it takes place within 75 days of his conviction.