Netflix Adds More Episodes Of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ This Summer

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Fans of the Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil started having withdrawal as soon as they binged the six episodes of the series which took fans on a food odyssey from Bangkok to Mexico City. But there is good news because Netflix has ordered six more episodes of Somebody Feed Phil from host and foodie Phil Rosenthal. Fans of Somebody Feed Phil love the series because Rosenthal manages to have incredible gastronomic experiences around the globe with zero pretension.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Netflix will start streaming six more episodes of Somebody Feed Phil on July 6 on all Netflix streaming services around the world. This time on Somebody Feed Phil, Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal will travel to Venice, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Capetown, and his home state of New York.

Phil Rosenthal is trying to convince more people to get out there and travel, suggesting breaking bread together to break down walls rather than building them.

“My message is simple: Instead of a wall, how about a table. I go a little further outside my comfort zone in these next six episodes. I get wet, I ride a horse, and I take a tango lesson from a professional dancer. I think she retired right after me. So did the horse. I’m hoping people watch me and say, ‘If that putz can go outside, maybe I can, too.'”

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Phil Rosenthal has been taking a deep dive into foodie travel for years, beginning with the series I’ll Have What Phil’s Having on PBS. Netflix streams this series too, and when Rosenthal left PBS for Netflix, the name of the series changed from I’ll Have What Phil’s Having to Somebody Feed Phil.

Phil Rosenthal has the ability to show fans a great combination of the food and flavors a city is known for combined with the things you would least expect, like great Indian food in Portugal and a Passover seder in New Orleans with fresh-caught gefilte fish.

Unlike some food travel hosts, Phil Rosenthal isn’t a chef, but he’s warm, gracious, and welcoming, and seems genuinely happy that fans like the show. If you follow Rosenthal on Instagram (@Phil.Rosenthal) you can see Rosenthal’s array of photos and messages to his fans.

“I just want to thank you all for your support this year and I’m so happy you liked the food and travel show and I’ve gotten all your messages on social media asking are there going to be more shows.”