Roquan Smith Car Vandalized — Thieves Take His Chicago-Bears-Issued iPad And More

Charles Rex ArbogastAP Images

In only two weeks as an NFL player, Roquan Smith is already learning a thing or two about his personal playbook — keep your valuables safe. The Chicago Bears rookie learned this lesson the hard way over the weekend.

The Chicago Bears’ first-round pick had his car burglarized over the weekend, according to the Chicago Tribune. Thieves were able to get into Roquan Smith’s car, a 2018 BMW X5, which was parked outside of an apartment complex in Athens, Georgia.

Without doing much damage to Smith’s vehicle, the thieves were able to steal several items. Among those items were Roquan Smith’s University of Georgia’s national championship and Rose Bowl jerseys, his regular season jersey, his UGA Athlete of the Year trophy, and his Chicago-Bears-issued iPad. The contents of Smith’s iPad included the Bears’ defensive playbook.

Once Roquan Smith filed a police report, the rookie linebacker notified the Bears’ front office. They immediately cleaned the defensive playbook from the cloud files on the iPad. Since the burglary took place, there have been some slight, lighthearted jabs taken that perhaps the thieves were Green Bay Packers fans.

Regardless of which NFL team those who burglarized Roquan Smith’s car root for, they committed a costly act. The authorities currently have no suspects in the burglary.

Each of the Georgia Bulldogs jerseys that were stolen from Smith’s car could reportedly be worth over $40,000 apiece. The other items taken from Smith’s car were also expensive.

While many of the belongings that Roquan Smith lost may not be returned, he will receive another Chicago-Bears-issued iPad.

Roquan Smith will need it as the Chicago Bears will host their annual rookie minicamp beginning Friday. Smith will be on hand with a Bears rookie class (courtesy of the Chicago Bears team website) considered by NFL insider Matt Bowen as the best among all NFL teams this season.

Despite suffering from his sentimental losses, Roquan Smith will need to put what happened behind him and report to the Bears’ rookie minicamp ready to learn portions of the defense hands on.

Roquan Smith learned a valuable lesson when his valuables were stolen from his car. It is a certainty that Smith will be more careful in the future.