Vanessa Trump’s Ex-Boyfriend, Valentin Rivera, Talks To ‘Page Six’

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Vanessa Trump has been in the news over the past couple of months due to her impending divorce from Donald Trump Jr. Rumors had been swirling for weeks about a potential divorce between the couple, but it was still a shock to quite a few that the rumors became true and that Vanessa will be leaving Don Jr. in the near future.

While she hasn’t been in the news a whole lot outside of the divorce situation, her ex-boyfriend has now put her back in the spotlight. Her first love, who was at one point a member of a violent street game, has opened up about his relationship with Trump.

Back in high school, she dated Valentin Rivera, who was a member of the Latin Kings. He talked about the early days of their relationship in his exclusive interview with Page Six.

“If anybody disrespected her in any way, I would physically put my hands on them. Any types of disrespect — call out her name, mess with her, anything.”

Their first meeting in high school was an interesting one. It all began with a water balloon.

“We was in the carnival in the school and I hit her with a water balloon, and she told on me. I went to the principal’s office. Then we parted ways until a couple of years later.”

Following their first meeting, Rivera ended up getting into trouble. He ended up going to “juvie” due to fighting with other kids in the neighborhood. After being released, he met up with Vanessa again when she asked for his help with other problematic kids.

“They were stealing out the house and we searched them. That’s how we started talking again.”

After helping her with that issue, the two began dating and everything was good for a short period of time before Rivera again got into trouble. Vanessa was reportedly torn up about Rivera going to jail.

“She was heartbroken that I was being taken away. The first time [she came to visit], she was upset — she cried a little bit — but after a while, we get used to things. She only came to visit me twice because her mother forbid her from coming to visit me.”

If you were wondering whether Vanessa got into her own scraps during that time of her life, the answer is yes.

“She got into a couple of little catfights. She was pretty jealous. As far as other girls and stuff, she let it be known that I was her man.”

Trump and Rivera dated for around five years before she broke into the big leagues. She began cheating on Rivera with Leonardo DiCaprio. Needless to say, their relationship ended immediately when Rivera found out.

As most know, Vanessa ended up marrying Donald Jr. in 2005, and they had five children together. Their marriage is coming to an end, but the divorce is far from the only relationship drama that she has been through in her life.