Gisele Bundchen Makes ‘Cute’ Date Blush, Tom Brady Is A Real-Life Prince Charming

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When it comes to celebrity couples, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have proven time and time again that they are just about as cute as they come.

Last night, the power couple attended the Met Gala together, where this year’s theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” Gisele looked stunning in a gold, shimmery Versace dress while Brady wore a black Versace tux with gold detailing around the chest, according to USA Today.

And on their way to the event, Gisele gave fans a sneak peak of herself and hubby Tom Brady prior to walking the red carpet, with an adorable video on her Instagram story. In the video, Bundchen and Brady appear to be riding in the back of an SUV on their way to the main event. Gisele starts the video off by telling fans “hello” before stating that they have almost arrived at the Gala. The 37-year-old then pans the camera over to the passenger seat where her husband is sitting and gushes over how “cute” he is.

“Do you want to see my cute date? There he is. What a cutie. Isn’t he a cute guys? Seriously.”

When Tom appears on camera, he can be seen blushing and holding his hand over the camera as he appears to be totally camera shy. At one point, he even tells Bundchen to “stop” as his face turns red.

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On his Instagram account, Brady shared a photo of himself and his wife in the backseat of the car, calling it “24k Magic” before referring to Gisele as his “beautiful date.” In less than 24 hours of being posted, Brady’s photo gained over 240,000 plus likes and over 3,900 comments.

In turn, Gisele also shared three photos from the Met Gala in addition to her adorable Instagram story. In the first photo, which is a selfie, the model shows off the top of her dress along with her insane diamond earrings. She thanks Versace for her dress, which she says is 100 percent organic silk ecologically dyed with 100% organic cotton threads.

In the second photo from the evening, Gisele and Tom are all smiles as they pose together on the red carpet. Her post gained over 4,500 comments in just four hours with many fans commenting on how beautiful the couple looks together.

“Gorgeous couple!”

“You both are so beautiful to me,” another fan chimed in.

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In the last photo from the evening, Gisele fittingly strikes a model pose on the stairs of the Met Gala, where she again thanks the Versace team for all their hard work on her dress.