Jeremy Calvert Justifies Girlfriend’s Multi-DUI Night: ‘Who Doesn’t Drink And Drive Once Or Twice?’

Jeremy Calvert isn’t phased by his new girlfriend’s recent run-ins with the law.

During a new interview with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the Teen Mom 2 star and father of Leah Messer’s 4-year-old daughter Adalynn is insisting that Desiree Kibler isn’t the bad girl she’s being made out to be.

“Desi doesn’t use drugs. She drinks, yeah clearly, but who doesn’t drink and drive once or twice? Anyone over the age of 21 without an Uber service in their area goes to the bar and drives home,” he explained on May 7.

Kibler also spoke to the outlet, confirming that she is not a bad person or a troublemaker. She then said that on April 11, the day she was arrested for two DUIs and a drug charge, she and a friend enjoyed a few hours out on the town and consumed a few drinks. Then, after leaving the bar, she was pulled over because she had not yet put her new registration sticker on her car.

After being taken to the police station, Kibler was arrested and released and upon her release, she believed she was sober enough to get back into her car and drive home. According to her, she had no idea that she wasn’t allowed to drive her car home because the officer didn’t repossess the vehicle.

“[The same cop] then pulled up behind me when I was out of my car and said I was getting another DUI,” she recalled.

During her second arrest, Kibler was found to be in possession of prescription drugs but according to Calvert, the pills didn’t belong to his girlfriend. As for Kibler, she confirmed that she doesn’t take or use any drugs. Instead, she said she often takes people back and forth to work, suggesting that someone left the pills in her vehicle.

As a result of her arrest, Kibler has been ordered to pay an $850 fine and will also spend seven days behind bars.

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Continuing to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Jeremy Calvert said his relationship with Desiree Kibler, who he went public with last month, is much different than his past romances. He also said that he looks forward to seeing what the future holds for himself and Kibler.

As for whether or not Kibler will appear alongside him on Teen Mom 2, Calvert said that he doesn’t want his girlfriend to be brought into that “whirlwind of drama.”