Cardi B’s Security Team To Blame In Assault On Fan, Autograph Seeker Claims

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

A scuffle took place outside a Met Gala after-party in the wee hours of the morning between Cardi B’s security team and what TMZ is calling an “overzealous” fan. The man was seeking an autograph from a pregnant Cardi B, who was with fiancé Offset and the Migos when he was told no. The man persisted, and Cardi B’s security team took the man down. The rejected man says that he was “shoved to the ground” by three security guards with Cardi B, says TMZ.

“The guy claims the 3 security guards kicked and punched him, and left him sprawled out on the ground. Cardi and co. left the scene, while the alleged victim went to a hospital to get treatment for neck and back pain. We got video of an ambulance transporting someone from the scene around 2:30 AM.”

The NYPD is looking into the matter involving Cardi B’s security team, but they aren’t commenting at this time, and neither is Cardi B and her management. PageSix is reporting that the alleged assault took place near the Mark and Carlyle hotels near Madison Avenue. The two luxury hotels were home base for a number of the celebs who attended the Met Gala.

According to Hollywood Life, this is not the first time that security for Cardi B and Migos were involved in a conflict that turned physical. Migos were performing at Drai’s nightclub in Las Vegas with special guest star Cardi B, and a fight broke out when their group, complete with security, returned to their hotel. The rappers were staying at the Encore Hotel & Casino.

Allegedly, someone with the Migos struck a valet, and the hotel security jumped in to stop the fight between the Migos’ crew and Encore employees.

The story has a valet asking Migos’ member Quavo to move his car. Words were exchanged, and a fight ensued. The security team with Cardi B rushed her into the hotel for safety as the matter heated up outside. Police soon arrived, one man was arrested and Migos were asked to leave the Encore Hotel & Casino.

Just before the Las Vegas brawl, an SUV that belonged to Migos was searched in North Carolina and drugs were found inside, including “420 grams of marijuana, 26 ounces of codeine and Xanax pills.” Three members of the Migos crew were given citations, including two misdemeanors and one felony.