Jill Duggar Could Possibly Be Pregnant With Third Child, Pickle Sharing Between Brothers Leads To Baby Talk

Jill DuggarInstagram

It is all about pickles and babies in a new video that Jill Duggar (Dillard) posted on the Dillard family website. Amidst all of the controversy surrounding Derick Dillard’s latest social media postings, his wife has been sharing plenty of photos and videos of their family. She posted a cute video of their two sons, Israel and Sam, sharing a pickle together. This is Samuel’s very first experience with the sourness of a dill pickle. However, according to In Touch Weekly, it is the end of the video when the older Dillard boy mentions having another baby that causes eyebrows to be raised.

This will get many Duggar fans excited at the thought of Jill being pregnant with her third child. But wait a minute. Did Israel really leak that she is expecting? Not exactly. While it may have been their subtle way of announcing that Jill and Derick are expecting baby number three, it could be that this is just wishful thinking on Izzie’s part.

The 3-year-old looks like he enjoys the company of his little brother. He was happy to share his pickle with Sam who was sitting in his seat. The Duggar family all love their pickles, so it is a family tradition for them to break in their babies to the taste of the sourness. In the video, you can hear Jill urging her son to share with his 9-month-old brother, and he does several times without hesitation.

Toward the end of the video, Israel hinted about another baby. It’s a little hard to understand exactly what he said in the beginning. It sounds like he says, “they said we’re going to have another baby.” Jill sounded surprised when he said that. After he repeated himself, she was heard saying, “Another baby? What?” That was when the video clip ended.

It does sound like maybe he was talking about having another brother or sister. However, there is no indication of whether he meant that it has already happened or that he was hoping there will be soon. After all, babies are always talked about in the Duggar family with kids being born every few months. Jill and Derick may chatter about babies in their household as well, so Izzy may have just heard babies being talked about and decided to join in.

Whether Jill really is pregnant with her third child remains to be seen. The next Duggar baby will be in June. Joe and Kendra are expecting their first child, a boy, around Father’s Day, while Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are expecting their baby girl in July. It’s no wonder Israel has babies on the brain!

Check out Jill and Derick’s newest video on the Dillard family website to see if you think that Israel is talking about another sibling.