‘Roseanne’ Revival: Viewers React To ‘Go Cubs’ Episode About The Conners’ Muslim Neighbors

Adam RoseABC

Roseanne has already taken on controversial topics during its whirlwind reboot run, with jokes about politics, healthcare, and more. But the upcoming episode, “Go Cubs,” could prove to be the show’s most talked-about 22 minutes yet. According to The Wrap, in an interview for ABC’s sneak peek behind-the-scenes video about the episode, Roseanne co-executive producer Dave Caplan revealed that series star Roseanne Barr came up with a story idea about the Conners being fearful of their new Muslim neighbors, and producers jumped on it.

Barr explained that her character is frightened of living next door to a Muslim family because she has “heard so many things on the news, and so she has a lot of pre-conceived notions.” Presumably, the episode will end with Roseanne making nice with her neighbors, Fatima (Anne Bedian) and Samir (Alain Washnevsky), and they will all live happily ever after on Delaware Street.

“I just thought it would be really relevant for a show about immigrants and prejudice, so we find a way to cut to the humanity of each other,” Barr said. “I want people to laugh, that’s my main focus, is that it’s funny. And in the funny, it’s kind of heartwarming.”

But not everybody is laughing about the Muslim stereotype depicted in the episode, which has Roseanne asking her sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) of their new, fertilizer-buying neighbors, “What if this is a sleeper cell full of terrorists getting ready to blow up our neighborhood?”

Ahead of the premiere of the “Go Cubs” episode, social media reaction is already fierce as fired up fans take to Twitter to post their opinion on the latest Roseanne subject matter. Some viewers have already announced they will not be watching the upcoming Roseanne episode, while others hope the episode will pave the way for more empathy and acceptance in the country. Some viewers think the episode will anger Barr’s fanbase.

You can see viewer reaction to the Roseanne episode featuring the Conner clan’s Muslim neighbors below.

It’s no surprise that not all viewers find the idea of the Muslim stereotype storyline to be funny. Barr herself has made many headlines for some of her own controversial comments about politics and more but with “Go Cubs,” her sitcom is entering new territory.

You can see the sneak peek preview for the “Go Cubs” episode below.

Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. The “Go Cubs” episode premieres Tuesday, May 8.