Trainer Bob Harper Thinks Angelina Jolie Should Eat A Cheeseburger

Brad BarketGetty Images

Bob Harper, best known as the coach with boundless energy on The Biggest Loser, is guest hosting PageSix TV this week and sharing his unique perspective on health and fitness with viewers. Since his recent heart attack, Bob Harper has been traveling the country to motivate people to make changes in their life, eat healthily, and indulge in moderation. Harper says he is excited to dish a little dirt and talk popular culture with the PageSix staff.

Bob Harper says he loves to talk fads and trends but for the most part, he’ll leave the breaking of the big news to the experts, says PageSix. But Harper does say he has the inside scoop on Hollywood fad diets.

“I just think the craziest thing to me is when I hear about these crazy crash diets like the Cabbage soup diet or Potato diet. Those extremes that are just silly.”

While Bob Harper is now traveling around the country to reach out to everyone, he says it’s not just everyday people who want personal diet tips. Harper says that celebs ask him regularly for pointers.

“I’ve been in the health and fitness arena for many years and living in LA for over 20 years, I have been approached by all shapes and sizes asking me for advice. I’m here to help EVERYONE.”

PageSix asked Bob Harper what ultra-skinny star he thinks could benefit from a hearty cheeseburger, and he answered Angelina Jolie.

“I’ve worked in Hollywood a long time and I know that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. I will say that having a cheeseburger with Angelina Jolie could be fun.”

But Bob Harper admits that he hasn’t eaten any red meat since his heart attack, but he regularly indulges in fish and a Mediterranean lifestyle, says NBC. But Harper says he’s human, and of course has his own guilty pleasure, and his indulgence is wine.

“I guess wine is my guilty pleasure. I would do really well with Kathy Lee.”

Bob Harper describes another indulgence which helps to keep him fit, and that’s walking his dogs. Harper told USA Today that he likes to take his Havanese mix Karl with him to work out. He says Karl was with him on the day he had his massive heart attack and collapsed on the floor of the gym.

When Harper was in the hospital recovering, he says he was depressed and missing his dogs Karl (Lagerfeld) and Vivienne (Westwood). Los Angeles friend Kate Angelo managed to arrange for someone to bring Karl in for a visit.

“Friends brought Karl to the hospital, and I feel like it was the best medicine Bob got.”

Angelo says that Karl helped to bring Bob Harper back to life.

“All the color came back to his cheeks — just pure joy. Karl brought him step-by-step back to his old self.”

Harper says that having Karl and Vivienne around is critical to his mental health.