iPod Touch Camera Rumors Are Pointing To Spring 2010 Release

When I first heard that the iPod Nano was getting a camera and the iPod Touch wasn’t, I was, to put it nicely, very disappointed, after all, why should the “weaker” gadget get the higher end feature added to its build. Then rumors began to swirl that the iPod Touch wouldn’t be too far behind. Now Gizmodo has received information that a camera is headed the way of the Touch by Spring 2010.

According to their inside the camera will offer the same abilities found on the Nano version, which albeit it isn’t all that great, but it’s better than nothing.

Then again with an entire Winter season ahead of us, there’s always the chance that Apple engineers will up the ante on the camera option and provide a more suitable hardware upgrade. In any case, it’s a decent reason to pick up a new iPod Touch.