Chris Andersen, Miami Heat Agree On 10-Day Contract

Chris Andersen and the Miami Heat are together at last … for 10 days, at least.

Andersen signed a 10-day contract with the Heat over the weekend, with coaches at the Miami team admitting they had been tracking the player, nicknamed “Birdman”, for some time.

The veteran forward-center worked out with his new teammates on Sunday in between giving interviews in which he discussed himself in the third person. Speaking to the Associated Press, Andersen said:

“This opportunity and being with the defending champs, it’s a dream come true. They’re taking a chance with me and I’m here to give them everything I’ve got, defensively, diving on the floor, blocking shots, you know, the usual that a Birdman does and what Birdman brings.”

The tattooed 34-year-old, who last appeared in an NBA game in March 2012, now has 10 short days to convince the Heat he deserves a longer deal.

In truth, Chris Andersen and the Miami Heat seem like an ideal pairing. Just as Andersen is desperate to forge a comeback to the NBA, the Heat are struggling with rebounding this season. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra says:

“Typically, you’re not able to get a player of his caliber at this time of year. But three years ago he was the best in the game coming off the bench at his position, as a shot-blocker and a rebounder. We’ve always liked him. We had him in our camp a long time ago, when he was just coming up in this league, pre-tattoo, and we liked him back then. Ever since then we’ve searched for ways to get him back.”

Heat fans, do you believe Chris Andersen could be the answer to your team’s rebounding woes? Here’s a selection of clips featuring the Birdman at his best: