TNA News: POP TV More Supportive Than Spike And Destination America

Good TNA news for fans arrives today with word that the promotion will seemingly have more support from POP TV than they did when Impact Wrestling was on Spike and Destination America, according to Wrestling Inc.

While the Internet wrestling community puts the full blame on Dixie Carter and her staff for the issues that TNA has suffered through over the past couples of years, many don't realize how difficult it is for a wrestling promotion to do well when they do not have the full support of the television network airing their show. Spike showed TNA some support early on but shifted their focus toward Bellator and MMA in general. Destination America provided even less support.

Earlier in the month, TNA announced that they have signed a new partnership with POP TV. Through a recent press release, we now know that Brad Schwartz, who is the president of the network, is a big fan of professional wrestling. He revealed that he has attended WrestleMania in person before. Schwartz even had his own wrestling name when he was younger. That bodes well for Carter because it means that he wants to see Impact Wrestling do well on POP TV.

Gail Kim
The latest TNA news is that gorgeous female wrestlers like Gail Kim, who happens to be married to world renown chef Robert Irvine, will now have a place to showcase their talents on POP TV. [Photo via TNA]TNA Advertising Revenue

As soon as the new deal was announced, rumors popped up that TNA was paying POP TV to air Impact Wrestling similar to what Paragon Pro Wrestling was doing with the network. That business model is a risky one, because it eats up a good chunk of the production budget. However, PPW may have been desperate to get their brand out to the masses. TNA doesn't have to worry about that since their brand is already fairly well-known. Carter has not been forced into a situation where she has to pay the network to air Impact Wrestling on a weekly basis.

Rather than getting paid by the network, TNA has reportedly entered into an agreement where they will share the advertising revenue with POP TV. This gives Carter the freedom to find her own advertisers and sponsors. This also enables TNA to receive a larger share of the advertising revenue than they would normally get under the traditional business model. While there is a higher risk to this method, it might also yield a higher reward.

Jeff Hardy
The latest TNA news is that Dixie Carter was able to secure a television deal with POP TV to air Impact Wrestling on a weekly basis, thanks in large part to the presence of big name stars like Jeff Hardy. [Photo via TNA]Future of TNA

The future of TNA is not nearly as gloomy as some make it out to be. Getting a television deal was a huge step in the right direction. The company can now focus on securing new contracts for their performers while also scouring the independent wrestling scene for new faces. Carter can also turn her attention toward rebuilding the touring side of the business. TNA had to put that on hold, temporarily, since they were so concerned about securing a new home for Impact Wrestling.

With Schwartz and POP TV backing them, TNA might be able to get a level higher than they've ever been before. Schwartz made sure to bring high ranking executives from CBS and Lionsgate, both of whom share ownership of POP TV, to the meetings with TNA so that they could hear what Carter had to say. If Impact Wrestling can produce and impress those executives, then TNA may effectively expand their media presence, which could be a good thing for professional wrestling.

Can TNA get to another level now that they are on POP TV?

[Photo via TNA]