Kim Kardashian Shares ‘Catholic School Girl’ Photo And Throwback From Last Year’s Met Gala On Instagram

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Every once and a while, Kim Kardashian likes to surprise her fans with a throwback photo from her past and today was one of those days where fans were treated to not one, but two throwback pictures. One snapshot is from over 20 years ago while the other is only from 2017. On the heels of the famed Met Gala, Kardashian took to her Instagram account to share a photo from her grade school days.

In what appears to be a school portrait, Kardashian captioned the picture “Catholic School Girl 8th Grade.” The photo is complete with the blue and white grade school picture backdrop that many of us will recall from our middle school days.

In the picture, Kardashian is wearing a white polo top and gold necklace. The reality star’s long black hair is basically the same length and style as she frequently wears it today. The only difference between eighth grade Kim and 37-year-old Kim is the fact that she is wearing a lot less makeup. Of course, these were the days prior to being thrust into the spotlight and prior to owning her own makeup line.

But one thing’s for sure — Kim’s fans still think that she looks beautiful, even at age of 14.

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“Ur such a beautiful stunning gorgeous girl u r so hard working and u r just an inspiration,” one fan wrote.

“Kim was always gorgeous,” another fan chimed in.

In all, Kardashian’s throwback photo gained a ton of attention in a short time. Within just four hours, Kim’s post gained over 2.4 million likes as well 20,000-plus comments. Two hours later, Kardashian posted yet another picture, but this time in honor of tonight’s Met Gala.

In the picture from last year’s event, Kardashian simply titled the post “Last year’s Met” along with the hashtag of the designer she wore, Vivienne Westwood. Kardashian is rocking a short black, bobbed haircut and an off the shoulder, white, form fitting dress.

According to People, Kardashian will be wearing Versace to the Met Gala this evening, and she’s already been teasing fans with behind-the-scenes photos of herself getting ready. In one photo posted to her Instagram story, Kardashian is wearing a black and gold Versace robe and eye mask as she relaxes on a bed with a gold comforter.

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In the caption of the pic, Kardashian thansk DV, aka Donatella Versace, for “glamming up” her room.

It’s only a matter of time before we see Kim’s look for this years’ Met Gala.