White House, Sensitive Over Trump's Twitter Attacks, Allegedly Bullied Melania To Drop Cyberbullying Campaign

Nathan Francis

Melania Trump is committed to her anti-cyberbullying campaign, even after the White House reportedly tried to bully her into dropping it over fears that Donald's tendency to cyberbully opponents will undermine it.

Melania famously unveiled her idea for an anti-cyberbullying campaign during the 2016 election, leading to snickers from critics who noted that Donald Trump is famous for his use of social media to attack his critics. For more than a year after Trump took office, there was no word on the fate of the initiative, but now Melania has unveiled details of the campaign -- and it was not without pushback. As Business Insider noted, the White House tried to push her away from the campaign.

The report noted that Melania Trump is aware of the irony of her pushing a cyberbullying campaign given Donald's proclivity to use Twitter to attack his opponents, dating back to long before he became president. Trump famously clashed with Rosie O'Donnell online, using Twitter to call the actress fat and a loser.

There was even resistance from the White House, which Business Insider noted tried to push Melania into choosing another issue to champion, but the first lady is reportedly committed to the idea of pushing for greater civility online, even if her husband is not.

On Monday, Melania Trump unveiled details of the comprehensive program to promote wellness among children. The program, titled "Be Best," had three prongs: promoting well-being, encouraging positivity on social media, and combating opioid abuse.

In her statements, Melania made a personal appeal as a mother of a 12-year-old boy.