Katy Perry Says ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ After ‘American Idol’ Co-Star Luke Bryan’s Pregnancy Joke

Eric McCandlessABC

Katy Perry usually has a sense of humor, but the American Idol judge draws the line at jokes about her personal life. Perry and her Idol co-star Luke Bryan were chatting with reporters after the live taping of the ABC singing competition when the country star blurted out some personal—and, it turns out, untrue—business about the “Roar” singer and her on-and-off boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.

After Perry was asked about meeting Pope Francis while she was in Vatican City with Bloom last month, she barely got a word in before Bryan interrupted with, “And she’s pregnant!”

According to Us Weekly, the country star quickly followed up with, “I’m just playing!” But Katy Perry definitely wasn’t playing.

“I’ll have some private conversations with him and his manager after this,” Perry told reporters of Bryan. “The only thing I’m pregnant with is an In-N-Out burger right after this.”

Katy then cut Luke Bryan off and told him, “Don’t talk to me.”

While some of the reporters may have been surprised by the exchange, it sounds like this may have been just another day on the job for Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Fellow judge Lionel Richie told reporters they had just experienced what he hears between his co-stars between every take when they are shooting American Idol.

Indeed, after news broke that American Idol has been renewed for a second season on ABC, Perry admitted her biggest hesitation when the current season of the show first started revolved around working alongside Luke Bryan for months.

“I mean honestly, I look back at the first one and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this guy is so crazy. I can’t believe we have to do like months with this weirdo,'” Perry told Entertainment Tonight. “And now he’s like my brother.”

Luke Bryan shared a similar sentiment with Access Hollywood, describing Katy as his sister while simultaneously issuing a warning to Bloom. Bryan revealed that he hadn’t met Orlando yet, but that if the actor hurt his “little sister” Katy he’d be sorry.

Of course, after her latest exchange with Luke Bryan, Katy Perry may want to request a seat on the other side of the American Idol judges’ table next season. But as for her actual demands for Season 2, Perry told ET she wants to see, “Bigger hair, better dresses [and] more obscenity.”

That last part shouldn’t be hard with this crew.

American Idol airs live on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT on ABC.