Apple Announces iPhone Tech Talk Tour

It’s an Apple-filled kind of day — news of an $800 laptop, new Brick images, and new iPhone rumors — and now, Apple’s announcing a series of free worldwide “tech talks” about the iPhone.

The iPhone Tech Talk World Tour will let developers get up-close and personal with Apple engineers to go over app development and even get specific code optimization and interface improvement tips. The talks will also touch on how to successfully get your app into the App Store, and Apple promises plenty of time for Q&A.

The events run from October till December and appear to be filling up fairly quickly. You have to first register as an iPhone developer (which can be done for free here), then you can either reserve your spot or get on a waiting list if your city’s already booked.

Here’s the current schedule:

North America

  • Oct 22 San Francisco
  • Oct 24 Los Angeles
  • Nov 03 Austin
  • Nov 05 Chicago
  • Dec 02 New York
  • Dec 04 Toronto
  • Dec 09 Seattle


  • Oct 22 Paris
  • Oct 24 Munich
  • Nov 03 Amsterdam
  • Nov 07 London
  • Nov 10 Berlin
  • Nov 11 Madrid
  • Nov 14 Copenhagen
  • Nov 17 Zurich
  • Nov 19 Rome
  • Dec 08 Stockholm


  • Nov 24 Bangalore
  • Nov 27 Delhi

Asia Pacific

  • Oct 30 Tokyo
  • Nov 04 Singapore
  • Nov 10 Hong Kong
  • Nov 19 Sydney
  • Nov 21 Melbourne

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