Justin Theroux Is Not Dating Petra Collins [Debunked]

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Justin Theroux has been linked to multiple women since ending his marriage to Jennifer Aniston. However, rumors have been flying that he’s made it official with artist Petra Collins. While Justin and Petra have not spoken about the latest batch of relationship rumors, sources are now revealing that the speculation is false and that the pair are only friends.

According to a May 6 report by Gossip Cop, Justin Theroux is not dating Petra Collins. Theroux, who only recently ended his marriage to former Friends star Jennifer Aniston, is said to still be single, as he and Petra are “just friends.”

Dating rumor began when Justin and Petra attended a pre-Met Gala event in New York City over the weekend, which had fans wondering if the two were an item. The Daily Mail reported that Theroux and Collins were dating and that the actor was “obsessed” with the photographer following his split with Aniston. The report went on to state that Justin and Petra had been “carrying on” for a while, adding that upon meeting on the New York art scene they had been enjoying “cozy dinner dates.”

However, sources are revealing that Justin Theroux and Petra Collins aren’t in a romantic relationship, and actually only know one another because they have the “same management.” Petra reportedly considers Justin to be “just a friend.” However, this isn’t the first time that Justin and Petra have been rumored to be in a relationship.

Back in March, reports surfaced that Justin Theroux may have cheated on Jennifer Aniston with Petra Collins, which led to the end of their marriage. Aniston was reported to be heartbroken and completely embarrassed over the alleged cheating, but reps for both Justin and Petra released statements revealing that they have never been romantically involved. Since the initial cheating rumors surfaced, Theroux has been linked to other Hollywood starlets such as Emma Stone, Olivia Munn, and Aubrey Plaza, all of whom he’s reportedly never had relationships with.

It seems that rumors about Justin Theroux’s love life will continue to surface as his split with Jennifer Aniston plays out in the tabloids. However, for now, he’s not involved with Petra Collins, or seemingly anyone else.