Aubrey O’Day Hints Affair With Donald Trump Jr. Was Inspiration For Her New Album

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Aubrey O’Day has a new album coming out soon with her Dumblonde bandmate former Danity Kane member Shannon Bex, and O’Day dropped a bombshell hint about the inspiration for it recently on Instagram.

On a recent story, she posted that her album is coming soon, and then she posted many clips of her songs with the lyrics. Ultimately, she admitted that she doesn’t care what people say as she keeps making her music.

In her clips, which had her music playing in the background, she explained that she wrote music about what she’s been through since that’s all she knows. Her music is her truth. Every word was about the man who inspired it, and every phone call she included on the album was a real, actual phone call. The voice in the phone calls on her album is either altered by a voice-altering device or transcripts of voicemails read by someone else. Then she dropped the letters “djt,” which are the initials of Donald J. Trump Jr. with whom she reportedly had an affair.

She used the hashtag BTE throughout, which is from her 2013 solo EP Between Two Evils, and back in March many people began putting two and two together and speculated the song on that album called “DJT” was inspired by her affair with Donald J. Trump Jr., according to a Daily Mail report. One of the songs she played on her story was “DJT,” but it’s unclear if that song will be released on the upcoming album.

Trump Jr. and O’Day’s affair is rumored to have begun when they filmed Celebrity Apprentice together in 2011, and it lasted until March 2012. He wanted to leave his wife, Vanessa, for her, but Donald Trump (now POTUS) told his son to knock it off and keep his family together.

rinsing the new dumblonde album????‍♀️

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Previously O’Day released two additional albums Danity Kane (2006) and Dumblonde (2015). She appeared on MTV’s Making the Band, and Sean Combs chose her to be part of the girl band Danity Kane.

O’Day and Bex formed the group Dumblonde, which creates alternative dance-pop music, in 2014 following the second breakup of their group Danity Kane. The group’s sophomore album, currently titled Heartbreak, Bitterness and Revenge, should hit sometime in 2018. According to O’Day’s Instastory, it will be soon.

Last month news hit that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen stopped an US Weekly story in 2013 detailing O’Day’s affair with Donald Trump Jr.