‘Lightseekers Awakening’ Card Spotlight: Tantosian Blacksmith

Tantosian Blacksmith is a must-have card for multicored 'Lightseekers' decks.

Lightseekers / www.Lightseekers.cards

Tantosian Blacksmith is a must-have card for multicored 'Lightseekers' decks.

After playing Lightseekers for several weeks, one thing has become abundantly apparent. Playing multicolored decks without having one of the multicolored Hero cards is incredibly disadvantageous. Tantosian Blacksmith, from Lightseekers Awakening, is an Unaligned action card that will help you access the item card you need from your deck from the faction you’re missing and allow you play cards from elements outside of your Hero’s alignment.

Tantosian Blacksmith reads, “Move one item from your hand or deck into play. Gain one additional action.” So, for example, if your Hero is Dolo The Mighty, but you want to play Soul cards from the Nature Faction, you’ll use Tantosian Blacksmith to search your deck for Singing Blade and put it into play. What makes Tantosian Blacksmith even better than just providing access to the elements you’re missing is that it provides you with an additional action. In a game where you only have two actions a turn unless another card says otherwise, not giving up one of your turn’s two valuable actions is pivotal to help further your board state.

Tantosian Blacksmith from “Lightseekers Awakening.” Lightseekers / www.lightseekers.cards

Because Lightseekers decks only contain 35 cards, the slight deck thinning that Tantosian Blacksmith provides will slightly increase the chances of drawing the other cards in your deck. While it may seem insignificant, that small percentage change in the chance to draw any give card before and after playing Tantosian Blacksmith might mean the difference in drawing a particular buff or combo card to win the game.

Another thing that we should note about Tantosian Blacksmith is that there are several rare item cards which provide a significant boon aside from just granting access to additional elements. For instance, Crystal Core will stop you from losing the game if damage would kill you. If a source would deal that damage, you instead ignore it and shuffle Crystal Core back into your deck. Because Tantosian Blacksmith allows you to search your deck for an item, you can keep finding Crytstal Core to stay alive for several turns if you’re holding a couple of Tantosian Blacksmiths in your hand.

As the game grows and more items are printed, the power and demand for Tantosian Blacksmith will only raise. We’ve opened an entire booster box of Lightseekers Awakening and didn’t find a single copy despite Tantosian Blacksmith’s uncommon rarity. Tantosian Blacksmith is already commanding a premium price on the game’s budding secondary market at $15. That’s more than most of the rares in the set, and we can only see Tantosian Balcksmith’s financial value increasing if Play Fusion doesn’t reprint it.

While it’s excellent for collectible trading card games to have cards worth money on the secondary market, for a game that’s still in its infancy it can be dangerous to have universal must-have cards like Tantosian Blacksmith. Players looking to make competitive Lightseekers decks for tournament play will be forced to track down multiple copies of Tantosian Blacksmith if they want to build the best deck possible, regardless of the faction they are playing. The good news is that we know that Play Fusion isn’t afraid of reprinting cards. The new Mythical expansion has many reprints in it. Hopefully Tantosian Blacksmith will be reprinted again, too.