‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Things May Be Looking Up For Jason, Jake’s Birthday Brings Possible Bonding Time

JB LacroixGetty Images

Jason Morgan has lost five years of his life and he has struggled to get back to normalcy, as seen on General Hospital the past few months. When he was shot on the pier, he thought that his son, Jake, was dead. He was totally shocked that this was not the case when he returned to Port Charles. He lost a great deal of time with the boy and he wants nothing more than to bond with him. According to a GH preview for Monday’s episode, Jason may be getting his wish.

It is Jake’s birthday and Jason stops by to give his son a gift. The General Hospital clip reveals that he was planning on just leaving it there for him, but Elizabeth calls Jake downstairs to see his dad instead. She would like to see father and son bond as well. You can tell by the look on Jason’s face that he really loves his boy. Jake, on the other hand, is a lot more hesitant whenever Jason is around.

Remember that he was so heartbroken when Liz and Drew sat him down to reveal that Jason Morgan is his real dad, not Drew. The little boy was not happy about that at all. He and Drew hit it off so well. He thought that his dad just had a new face, but that was all a mix up between twin brothers. Remember also that Jake used to be terrified of the real Jason’s face thanks to Helena Cassadine. It has taken a lot for Jake to warm up to him at all.

How will Jake react around Jason now that he has had time to adjust to it? Jake had given his dad a few hints that he may be ready to get to know him. His birthday might just be the perfect time to do some bonding. General Hospital spoilers by Soap Central tease that Jason and Drew will cross paths. They may both end up at Elizabeth’s house to see Jake at the same time.

Stay tuned to General Hospital this week to see how Jake reacts to Jason.