iPhone X2: Apple’s 2018 Devices Might Finally Include A Long-Rumored Feature

New rumors have emerged stating that Apple’s follow-up to its pricey and best-selling iPhone X — the tentatively-named iPhone X2 — will finally include a feature that has been long-awaited and long-wanted. According to a recent leak in Chinese social networking site Weibo, the iPhone X2 would come with a redesigned power adaptor that can offer up to 18 watts of charge. That’s right, after lagging against its Android rivals for years, it seems like Apple is finally stepping up its fast-charging game.

As could be seen in the recent Weibo leak, the iPhone X2’s power adaptor will presumably feature up to 18 watts of power to the device when charging. Such a level of power would charge an iPhone from 0-50 percent in roughly half an hour and up to 80 percent in an hour. This is a huge jump from the 5-watt power block that comes shipped with the iPhone X. The 5-watt block takes about two-and-a-half hours to fully recharge an iPhone.

What’s rather interesting is the fact that the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus all support fast charging. Due to reasons unknown, Apple has decided to not include a fast charger block to its 2017 series devices. So far, current-generation iPhone users are required to utilize third-party solutions to tap into their devices’ fast-charging features. If the recent Weibo leak is any indication, it seems like Apple is about to become a little bit more generous with its consumers.

As noted in an Inverse report, the power block for the iPhone X2 will reportedly feature a USB-C port — a reversible plug that supports faster charging. Apple had already taken the jump to USB-C on its laptop line, with the 2015 Macbook adopting the port exclusively when the notebook was released. During the time of its release, many tech reviewers lauded the laptop for its progressive commitment to USB-C, but criticized it for its lack of legacy ports. Three years down the road, it seems like Apple is finally ready to share the MacBook line’s USB-C technology with its iPhone line.

Considering Apple’s tendency to stick with its proprietary ports, there is a good chance that the iPhone X2 would feature a wire that has a USB-C on one end and a Lightning pin on the other.

Rumors are high that Apple will unveil its 2018 iPhone series this coming September.