Galaxy X: Samsung’s Newest Patents Emerge, Teases Revolutionary ‘Trifold’ Design

Drew AngererGetty Images

More details about the Samsung Galaxy X have emerged recently, suggesting that the South Korean tech giant is pushing the envelope further with its most revolutionary and most daring device to date. Based on recent patents for the foldable smartphone, it appears like Samsung is exploring the possibility of a flexible mobile device that actually folds twice.

As noted in a Business Insider report, the new patents for the foldable smartphone were granted to Samsung on May 2. Prior to this date, the consensus in the rumor mill was that the Galaxy X would be a smartphone that folds in half. Such a design, after all, is already revolutionary, seeing as the closest thing to a flexible phone in the market would be the ZTE Axon M, a device that literally looks like two handsets stuck together.

From what could be seen in the newly-granted patents, it seems like Samsung is attempting to refine a design that would enable the Galaxy X to fold into itself. Two particular designs were outlined in the recent patents; one being a smartphone that folds in half, and another being a device that features a “trifold design.”

Quite interestingly, both patents seem incredibly refined, The design of the single-fold variant of the device, for one, does not feature any gaps. Thus, based on the patents at least, the Galaxy X’s final design is starting to look like a flexible smartphone without compromises.

Perhaps even more impressive is the Galaxy X’s trifold concept, a design that features a rather long, vertical display that can be folded twice. The trifold Galaxy X would be folded into itself, similar to how trifold wallets are folded. What’s rather interesting is that users of the device would be able to open up a single fold or section to reveal only a third of the display. Such a feature could be utilized to check a notification or message.

Apart from this, one of the sections of the trifold Galaxy X design could also be used to support the smartphone when viewing content. The device could also be the used in a hybrid “tent mode,” where users can fold two of the sections into a triangular shape to show a single section of the foldable display when upright.

As noted in a T3 report, rumors have emerged stating that Samsung might be releasing the Galaxy X sometime in January, 2019.