Melania Trump Refuses To Question Donald Over Hush Money Payment To Stormy Daniels, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Alex WongGetty Images

Melania Trump is reportedly unwilling to question her husband over when he knew about a $130,000 hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels, with a new report claiming that the First Lady doesn’t want to rock the boat.

As controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s knowledge of the payment builds, there is increasing attention on where Melania fits in. The White House had initially said that Trump knew nothing of the payment his lawyer, Michael Cohen, made to the adult film star, but Trump admitted this week that he did know and actually paid Cohen back for it. As Hollywood Life now reports, Melania Trump is trying not to get too involved in the situation.

Citing a source reportedly close to Donald and Melania Trump, the report claimed that the First Lady doesn’t concern herself with “small stuff” like the alleged affair Donald Trump had with the adult film star in the months after Melania gave birth to their son.

“When it comes to her every day life with Donald, Melania chooses not to sweat the small stuff, she doesn’t get caught up in the trivial things, she focuses on the big picture,” a source told the celebrity gossip outlet. “Melania limits the media that she consumes, and doesn’t spend time reading through social media, as she doesn’t want to poison her mind with all the negativity she knows is out there. When Donald tells Melania his version of events she accepts it at face value—she doesn’t question it or seek out an alternative view, because she believes that would just be counterproductive.”

It is not clear how much truth there might be to the latest report that Melania Trump is unwilling to question Donald over the payment to Stormy Daniels. It would seem to run counter to some other recent stories claiming that Melania is furious over the attention and controversy Donald has created, including some previous reports from Hollywood Life. Melania Trump has been a very popular target for tabloid speculation given her high-profile positon and her tendency to remain quiet on her husband’s controversies, and many of the past reports — including ones predicting imminent divorce — have turned out to be off base.

Melania Trump has not directly addressed the Stormy Daniels controversy, and appears to be remaining focused on her White House duties. As ABC News reported this week, she is rolling out a series of initiatives in the next week that will have a heavy focus on children.