Dallas Cowboys News: Cole Beasley Believes Reports About Dez Bryant Are ‘Dumbest Thing’ He’s Ever Heard

Tom PenningtonGetty Images

When the Dallas Cowboys parted ways with wide receiver Dez Bryant, fans thought he would land with another NFL team in no time. Now, it has been more than three weeks and the future Hall of Famer is still unemployed and sitting in the free agent pool of players. There are many reports and rumors going around regarding Bryant with most of them being quite negative, but former teammate Cole Beasley isn’t buying any of it.

Beasley has been a wide receiver with the Dallas Cowboys since joining the NFL back in 2012. 2017 wasn’t his biggest year ever, but he still had a decent season with 314 yards and four touchdowns on 36 receptions.

Now, it is believed that his role will grow in 2018 with the release of Bryant and a number of other changes happening within the Cowboys organization.

Beasley recently spoke with the Ben and Skin Show on KRLD-FM 105.3 and talked about the upcoming season and the future of the team. As reported by the Dallas News, Beasley is “excited and kinda anxious” to see where things go with a number of familiar faces no longer in Dallas.

He has a good attitude going forward, but his strongest feelings came out when he was asked about his former teammate.

Some reports have Dez Bryant needing to “prove” himself, but others are making it seem as if his career in the NFL may be over. There is some speculation that most of the teams in the NFL aren’t even willing to sign the Pro Bowl wide receiver for the league minimum.

Cole Beasley isn’t buying it.

“I’ve seen the things going around that teams won’t even sign him for minimum. I’m like that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t know if it’s just rumors going around, what he is off the field or in the locker room. Dez was always a great teammate to me, and he did want to see other guys succeed. Every wide receiver wants the rock. And he’s so passionate it may come off the wrong way to some people. He definitely still has it. He’s got all the tools. Now he has a chip on his shoulder. He’s an animal already. It’s scary. If he gets to another team and he gets that shot, I promise you he’s gonna be ready. He’s a very supportive dude and a good friend off the field. I talk to him all the time.”

Dez Bryant is only 29-years-old and can easily play at least another four or five years in the NFL, but is he going to get the chance to do it? Cole Beasley still has his spot on the Dallas Cowboys roster and if it was up to him, No. 88 would still be lining up on the other side of the field. After almost a month on the free agent market, there has not been a lot of talk as to where Bryant may land and despite Beasley’s strong words, it certainly seems as if some teams aren’t willing to take a chance on him.