Why Some Think Kim Kardashian Nudity Might Just Be A Diversion To Forget West’s Recent Antics

Henny Ray AbramsAP Images

This week, Kim Kardashian just unleashed her curves, yet again, on social media. The action is seemingly all in the name of the new fragrance she launched on April 30, reports InStyle. However, the timing of the unveiling led to some burning questions that KKW may need to answer.

First, was it “Divine Intervention” or tastefully done airbrushing that achieved the smooth effect on Kim Kardashian West’s groin area? Second, was it perhaps “lasers” brandished by the doctor that gave her the vampire facial that gave her such a smooth bikini area? Or, lastly, and more importantly, does KKW hide nekkid body tricks up her sleeve to use whenever Kanye West diverts attention away from the Kardashian brand?

If question number three is true, it’s probably working. She looks great, and the fragrance, KKW Body, may just become a smashing hit as an added bonus. Might we even say that the perfume smells like a winner, and we’ve forgotten all about her husband at this moment? Unfortunately, we must revisit the subject, if just for a moment.

Kanye West, no stranger to controversy, made an outrageous comment and seriously stuck his foot in his mouth during a recent in-depth Charlamagne Video Interview. During the interview, West said that slavery, “sounds like a choice.” He faced a strong backlash from many afterward, even though he tried to walk back the incendiary comment. CNBC indicated that damage is done, reporting that some fans and celebrities are not letting him off the hook so easily.

As a result, Kim Kardashian West faced some fierce criticism of her own on social media for not coming out publicly and saying that what Kanye West said about slavery was reprehensible. Instead, she continued to post like nothing really big happened, antagonizing some Instagram and Twitter users. KKW focused her energy after the debacle by defending her husband, criticizing the media, and praising his “free thinking.” Still, behind the scenes, his free-thinking comments, especially when it comes to the horrors of enslavement, had to at least make KKW grimace a little.

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian West’s momager, Kris Jenner, had no problem commenting on it while she was interviewed during a recent episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, reports People, Ellen asked Jenner what many of us are wondering about the Kanye West state of mind lately; primarily, “What’s going on?” and “Is he okay?” Mashable reported that Kris Jenner had this to say about the brouhaha surrounding Kanye West’s statements during the interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show,

“I know that he will explain himself in his own way. And, I think that anything he does – and I just think this is important to say is – he always does things with really good intentions.”

So…we get it. Kris Jenner is trying to defuse the situation by saying that Kanye West isn’t crazy; he just says crazy stuff because he means well. Actually, this opens up more questions than answers if you really wanted to delve deeply enough. For right now, we’re not going there.

Now, moving on to the good stuff.

Namely, Kim Kardashian West posing in all her guitar-shaped glory. Interestingly, her enviable figure was used for the sculpture work on the KKW Body bottle. Honestly, the Inquisitr needs to do a Kim Kardashian West beauty regimen or diet in-depth article soon to find out her secret.

Next, the insanely smooth KKW body parts that raised so many questions that the world wants answers for RIGHT NOW.

And, finally, to those of you that were disappointed in the body paint cover up on Kim Kardashian West in the photo above, here you go!

As an aside, here are some parting thoughts on what some are thinking about Kim Kardashian West’s alleged quick thinking and attention diversion skills.