Audree Kopp's Facebook Buzz: Hair Tie Band Worn On Wrist Causes Crazy Infection

The Facebook page of Audree Kopp might be private, but that hasn't stopped Kopp from becoming a trending story on Facebook. Audree has made the news because she reportedly did something that likely thousands -- if not millions -- of women and girls do everyday: put a hair tie band on their wrist when they aren't using the hair tie in their hair to create a quick and easy ponytail.

On Facebook, Audree posted Facebook status updates that let her friends know how much trouble storing a glitter hair tie on her wrist created for Kopp. Audree ended up getting an infection that looks pretty nasty if one views the unedited photos of Kopp's wrist in Google Images. Apparently, a small cut in Audree's wrist got infected via the glitter hair tie.
"3 bacterias …. strep, staph, AND poly negative. I want to inform everyone to make sure no one else has to go thru this. The GLITTER tie is the one that caused the issue."
Hailing from Kentucky, Audree updated her Facebook friends and followers about what was initially just a bump on her wrist. As reported by WLKY, Kopp wasn't worried about the bump on her wrist until it kept getting bigger instead of going away.
"It just kept getting bigger, and redder, and worse."
Because of Kopp's negative experience with wearing a hair band on her wrist, articles advising other women and men to never wear a hair tie on their wrist, like one from the Daily Mail, are being shared en masse. A simple hair tie decorated with glitter left Audree with large wounds on her arm. The small cut might have been caused by the glitter in the hair tie, or some other source of the cut, but what is known is that Audree's infection wasn't helped by antibiotics.

Kopp was later taken to the hospital, where she received emergency surgery -- and when physicians drained and tested the pus, they discovered that Audree had been infected with three strains of bacteria, all from a glittery hair tie. As a result of Kopp's harrowing hair tie experience, the warning is going out from doctors to everyone to avoid wearing hair ties around the wrist.

If hair ties are placed around the wrist, doctors advise that they are ones that are washed and not left on the wrist for too long. Some hair ties, which are too small to fit comfortably around certain wrists, are the type that automatically urge the wearer to take the tie off of their wrist because of the pain and numbness the hair ties can cause around the wrists.

Other hair ties, especially glittery hair ties, seem like they can make a pretty addition to an accessory wardrobe. Not only could they double as a cute bracelet, but they could be easily available for the wearer to use when a hair tie is needed to put the hair in a quick ponytail -- such as when preparing to exercise.

However, with dire warnings now coming out about the practice of placing a hair tie on one's wrist via Audree's Facebook updates, the warnings are encouraging people to give up the practice. Dr. Amit Gupta believed that the bad bacteria most likely came from Kopp's hair tie and then entered her pores and hair follicles. Audree's case could've been a lot worse, with such bacteria causing comas in other people.

"It could have been a whole different ball game. Once it gets into your bloodstream, people have been known to go into a coma, your body shuts down. It could have been worse."
The hair tie bacteria situation with Audree will likely encourage many people to not wear their hair ties on their wrists, and to toss their hair bands and hair ties and scrunchies more often to buy new and fresh hair ties.

[Image via Facebook/Audree Kopp]