Elon Musk Proposes Building A Cyborg Dragon And The Internet Is In A Frenzy

Mark Brake Getty Images

At the end of April, Elon Musk strolled onto Twitter and nonchalantly announced his intention to build a cyborg dragon, leaving readers to ponder the implications of this and wonder whether he was, in fact, serious.

By all accounts, Elon Musk is a very busy man. Running The Boring Company, Tesla, and SpaceX could only be challenging, yet Musk still manages to juggle his many responsibilities in a dazzling fashion. And while Elon didn’t necessarily commit to this cyborg dragon, only tweeting about it once, it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility that he could make it happen if he wanted to, as Fortune reported.

Those who follow Elon Musk will note that he oftentimes makes announcements of this kind on social media, like the time he logged onto Twitter and wrote of his intention to sell flamethrowers. Not long after, The Boring Company did indeed post a flamethrower for sale on their website for the price of $600, and flamethrowers were sold at his company by the millions.

Elon Musk also once excitedly explained that it was his goal to build a car that would fly straight to Mars, and then he cleverly devised Starman. Let’s not forget his hyperloop either, which is currently undergoing testing. So will Musk really be fashioning a cyborg dragon after all?

As IFLScience were quick to note, a cyborg dragon would be something requiring mechanical body parts as well as organic ones, so if Musk really were to devise this dragon there would need to be organic material in it, which could prove difficult.

As technology hasn’t marched far enough yet to concoct such organic-robot creatures, it is certainly feasible that Elon Musk could manage to use a human brain interface of some kind if he is truly intent on these cyborg dragons.

After all, in 2016, Musk started up the neurotechnology company Neuralink, which will allegedly be building computer-brain interfaces where special implants are surgically placed inside the brains of humans, thereby allowing humans to “achieve symbiosis with machines.”

With this in mind, Elon Musk might seriously be planning to incorporate his work at Neuralink with that of his idea of a cyborg dragon, which, knowing Musk’s follow-through, may just end up happening in reality after all.