Pregnant Hilaria Baldwin Rocks Fit Bikini Body In Yoga Workout Video

Hilaria Baldwin, the pregnant wife of actor Alec Baldwin, spotlighted her incredible bikini body during a yoga workout posted to her Instagram account (see below).

Hilaria, a yoga teacher, is expecting her fourth baby but has the toned bikini body that any woman — pregnant or not — could envy. Baldwin's pregnancy weight gain appears concentrated entirely on her burgeoning baby bump.

Hilaria, who has given birth to her three children in rapid succession, lost the baby weight in record time after each pregnancy. Her weight loss secrets were a mostly vegan diet and daily exercise that alternates between yoga, running, walking, and body-sculpting classes.

"I run a lot. I love it," Baldwin told the Cut.

"It's my time alone. I just do 30 minutes. I'll go over to the West Side highway, four miles."
Hilaria is a longtime vegetarian who follows a mostly vegan diet. But she does occasionally eat fish, especially when pregnant.
"I became a vegetarian when I was 5. I gave up dairy when I was 20, because I was a dancer and having a lot of injuries. I had asthma. I was told by a bunch of people to just try to get dairy out of my body for two weeks. I felt so much better and never went back. All of a sudden my joints felt better."
Other celebrity vegetarians include supermodel Christie Brinkley, who credits a mostly vegan diet, cardio exercise, and yoga workouts for her smoking-hot bikini body at age 64, as the Inquisitr has reported.
"In the past when I was young and a dancer, I was so afraid of carbs. I was so afraid of high fats," Hilaria recounted. "I'm at a point now where I'm quite happy with my body. I'm happy with my energy level. You think about nurturing yourself, rather than depriving yourself."Yoga really does a body good.Don't get too used to seeing Hilaria Baldwin's baby bump on Instagram since she'll have regained her sizzling pre-baby bikini body before you know it.

What's her weight loss secrets? A portion-controlled diet and daily workouts. "I do some exercise every day," said the brunette beauty.