SWAT Standoff In Georgia Uncovers Dismembered Body

SWAT Standoff Leads Police Dismembered Body

Savannah, GA — A SWAT standoff in Georgia ended with a man’s death and a grisly discovery. Inside the man’s house, police discovered a missing man’s dismembered body.

The man killed by police, Chad Moretz, is no stranger to violence or visits from the police. The latest visit was at least the fourth time in just 18 months that deputies arrived at the home to speak with Moretz.

But this time was different. The police arrived at the home to ask about a friend of Moretz who was missing. The Washington Post reports that, upon knocking on the door, a relative answered the door, whispering, “He’s got a rifle. He’s going to kill y’all.”

The tense standoff ended after Moretz walked onto the porch with an assault rifle and was shot by a SWAT team sniper. But no background on Moretz and his previous violence prepared police for the discovery they made.

The missing man’s severed head and hands were hidden behind a kitchen cabinet, while the rest of his body was wrapped in bags in a storage locker about 30 minutes away. David Ehsanipoor, an investigator for the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, stated:

“I don’t believe there was a motive. It wasn’t a drug deal gone bad or a love triangle. Chad was just crazy.”

ABC News notes that neighbors and relatives accused Chad Moretz of violence before his death on January 11. He was accused of chasing his wife with a machete, threatening to kill a man with a handgun, and stabbing a dog with a pocket knife.

An autopsy on the missing man, Charlie Ray, 35, showed that he was stabbed more than 40 times and was dead for more than a week before his remains were found.

Moretz’s wife witnessed the killing. She told investigators that her husband and Ray were drinking talking when they began to argue. Chad Moretz then grabbed a knife and stabbed Ray repeatedly in the couple’s kitchen.