Hawaii Volcano Livestream: How To Watch A Live Webcam Of Volcanic Eruptions From Kilauea

U.S. Geological SurveyGetty Images

Anyone who wants to watch a livestream of the Hawaii volcano eruptions will be in luck, with plenty of ways to watch the lava spewing from the Kilauea volcano — from a safe distance.

For several days, the volcano has erupted molten lava into residential areas as earthquakes continue to shake the Big Island. Scientists and local officials are warning residents that more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are likely on the way, the Express reported.

“Until we see earthquake activity dying down and the ground stops moving, it’s likely that this activity is going to continue,” said Tina Neal, a scientist in charge at the USGS Hawaii Volcano Observatory.

With new eruptions continuing into the weekend, there is high interest among people looking for a livestream of the erupting Hawaii volcano (information on how to find these livestreams can be found below) and others are sharing a video of the effects the eruptions have had on the island. One viral video showed smoke billowing from the ground and causing fractures in a road, and other shots have captured the glowing molten lava as it spreads out from the volcano.

Those who watch a livestream of the Hawaii volcano will see the most powerful eruptions to strike the state in more than 40 years. The molten lava has sparked fires and forced many residents from their homes, the BBC reported. Even people living in areas that are safe from the eruptions have been unable to return because of lingering high levels of Sulphur dioxide, the report added.

Kilauea is one of the world’s most active volcanos, and its recent eruptions were foretold by a series of seismic events, including many powerful earthquakes to strike the island. One of those earthquakes even prompted a tsunami warning late in the week, but officials said it only ended up generating a small and not very dangerous wave.

Those who want to watch a livestream of the Hawaii volcano have a few options. The Hawaii Volcano Observatory has more than a dozen different options of webcams pointed at the Kilauea volcano. The BBC also has live updates from the effects of the volcanic eruptions as well as evacuations from the Big Island.