‘Days Of Our Lives’ May 4 Recap: Theresa Returns, Ben Makes Appearance, And Chad & Abby’s Emotional Reunion

Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives was filled with plot twists, characters returning from long lost places, struggles, and emotional reunions. At the beginning of the Days episode, Dr. Laura was in complete control of Abby’s mind and body. She was back at the Salem police station and came face to face with Chad and Kate.

Dr. Laura admitted to blocking off the air supply in the tunnels under the DiMera mansion. She told Kate that it was “nothing personal.” Dr. Laura confronted Chad, letting him know that it was, in fact, her that sat next to him in the jet on the way back from Hong Kong.

Kate leaned into Chad and said, “You can do this, bring her home.” Kate left the room so that Chad could be alone with Dr. Laura. Once alone, Chad tried to convince Dr. Laura to let Abby come back home. Dr. Laura refused, telling Chad that he really didn’t want to know all of the reasons why. Chad was angry. He looked at Dr. Laura and said, “You have no right to keep my wife from me.”

Abby was trapped inside her own mind. She was lost and confused, but most of all she was scared. She wanted desperately to get back to Chad and their son, Thomas. Abby was in the process of fighting to get out when Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) appeared.

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Days of Our Lives fans remember Ben as “The Necktie Killer.” He also attempted to kill Marlena Evans and Chad DiMera, as well as Abby. Ben told Abby that he was always there in her mind and he could help her. At first, she fought against him and his seductions. She stated that she was not scared of him anymore. Ben continued to seduce her, attempting to break her by telling Abby to let go, give up, and give in to the realization that she was mentally ill. His charms seemed to be working their magic as Abby leaned in to kiss him.

At the hospital, Eve was visiting Brady, who was trying to convince Eve to give him another chance. Brady insisted that he wasn’t drinking or doing drugs. Eve didn’t believe him. She was in the process of calling him a liar and a cheater when Claire walked into the room. Claire was just in time to tell Eve that Brady had nothing to do with the rigged contest.

On today’s Days of Our Lives, Brady looked at Eve and confessed his undying love.

“You snuck up on me and I fell in love with you. Please take another chance on me, on us.”

Brady expressed his deep love for Eve. He wants to stand up and repeat his wedding vows to her. He wants to be the man to make her life better.

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Now that Ciara has her revenge on Claire for what was done to her mother, Hope, she expected to feel good about it. Instead, she found herself feeling empty inside. Ciara told Claire that she will go to Eve and ask that the press release say that there was a voting mix-up due to a technical error.

In Mexico City, Chloe was still trapped in a hotel room. She was placed there after being drugged by Miguel and she was dreading the arrival of Miguel’s mysterious boss. The door opened and it is not Miguel or his boss that entered the room. It was a very scared and nervous Theresa Donovan (Jen Lilley).

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Theresa explained to Chloe that she broke things off with Brady in order to save the life of her family members. The man who wants Chloe in Mexico is the same man who forced Theresa away from Brady, the man that she still loves and always will. Miguel’s mystery boss is the mobster Mateo.

Theresa had a lot of questions for Chloe. At first, she asked about Tate and whether or not her son remembers her. Theresa admitted to missing her son so badly that she could hardly bear it. Then, she asked about Brady. Chloe was obviously uncomfortable answering Theresa’s questions, but it eventually came out that Brady fell in love with Nicole, who also left him and broke his heart. Theresa was not happy hearing this information, and she was equally disturbed by Chloe’s admission that Brady was now dating Eve, Theresa’s sister.

Back at the Salem police station, Chad was getting frustrated dealing with Dr. Laura. Marlena advised that he should speak with his heart directly to Abby’s heart. Marlena told him to give Abby a lifeline she could use to free herself. Chad re-entered the room with Dr. Laura, eager to try a new angle.

Chad told Dr. Laura that he wanted to speak with Abby. When Dr. Laura refused again, Chad continued on saying, “I think she can hear me.” He didn’t give up.

“I know you’re scared Abby,” he said.

“I know you can find your way back to me. We need you out here. Come back to me Abby. Thomas and I are waiting.”

To Chad’s delight, Abby was able to push Ben away and run freely through the door of her mind. On today’s episode of Days of Our Lives on NBC, Abby broke free of Dr. Laura’s hold. Chad reached for her and wrapped her into his embrace. It was a tearful and emotional reunion for a fan-favorite couple.