Carrie Underwood Has Made A Full Recovery After Face, Wrist Injury, Opens Up About Workout Routine

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Following the drama surrounding her facial injury, Carrie Underwood is finally getting back in the public eye in recent weeks.

According to People, Carrie Underwood fell just outside of her Nashville home this past November. The fall was pretty bad and required Underwood to get 40 stitches on her face. The singer also suffered a broken wrist in the accident. For months, Underwood remained out of the public eye as her face healed.

But at the Academy of Country Music Awards, Underwood made her first public appearance where she sang her newest hit, “Cry Pretty.” And now, People is revealing that Carrie is totally back to business following the accident as she continues her high intensity workouts. Just yesterday, the 35-year-old hosted a Mother’s Day event for her activewear line, CALIA.

Carrie, her mom Carole, and her trainer, Eve Overland, led an intense circuit training workout while Underwood also revealed pieces from her new spring and summer lines. The singer also sat down with People at the event to dish on how she stays in shape, even when her trainer lives in Atlanta.

“I actually workout with Eve via Skype quite a bit.”

Underwood also dished that she likes to switch up her workouts a lot. Sometimes, she will run outside if the weather is nice, while other times she will work out with her trainer. Carrie also said that she does weight training and always is looking for the “bandwagon” workout or whatever the hot class is.

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“When I workout it’s empowering. I feel like it allows me to be a better mom, and a better wife and a better daughter — and I feel good,” Underwood shared at the event.

While there, the singer was also asked about her activewear line, CALIA. Of the line, Underwood shares that they are very conscious of their audience and making something for everybody, but they’re also always striving to “make things better.”

“We just always want to to do better to create an environment that’s supporting and loving,” Carrie explained, while also saying that her line is about women supporting women while being their best selves.

As of late, Underwood has been taking to her popular Instagram account to share pieces from her clothing line with fans. A few days ago, the singer shared a picture of a black top from her line, as well as a pair of white and black patterned leggings. Fans gave the photo the thumbs up with over 370,000 likes, and it garnered over 2,400 comments.

Another recent photo shows Carrie in one of her favorite pieces from her line, a reversible tank top. CALIA is available for purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods.