Kim Kardashian Stands By Kanye, Forgives Him Because Of Kids, ‘People’ Reports

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West are showing a united front this week, despite plenty of drama surrounding the musician and the controversial headlines he has been generating. This isn’t the first time that Kim and Kanye have faced tough moments as a couple and according to sources for People, Kardashian isn’t going anywhere when it comes to her marriage with West. Apparently, in large part, her determination is because of the family they’ve built together.

People shares that Kim Kardashian West has her husband Kanye West’s back, even though they are wading through some differences of opinions on things right now. Kanye has been all over social media lately, sharing posts that have generated criticism and even concern for his mental health. He has had people talking for a bit now over all of this, and he really struck a chord with some comments he made about slavery while talking with TMZ.

Despite all of that, sources tell People that Kardashian is extraordinarily forgiving of her husband when things seem to go sideways, in large part because of their three children. Kim and Kanye recently welcomed their third child, Chicago, and they also have a son, Saint, and daughter, North.

The source goes on to say that Kim doesn’t always agree with everything that Kanye posts or says. For example, Kanye has been quite vocal lately in supporting President Donald Trump. However, Kardashian has been critical of Trump in the past and supportive of President Obama, like in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar she did last year. In fact, Kim even tweeted about their difference of opinion regarding Trump as Kanye praised the president, standing up for her husband’s right to share his individual opinions.

Despite the drama playing out quite publicly this week regarding Kanye and his outspokenness, it seems that Kardashian has his back and isn’t going to stop. Numerous people have voiced concern that Kanye might be experiencing some mental health issues that he needs to address, but Kim has pushed back against that and said he’s always been expressive and he’s just being himself.

Kim reportedly is quite protective of Kanye, especially because he is the father of her three children. Kardashian has been through low points and rough times with West before, but the pair has managed to weather the various storms and stay strong as a couple regardless. Insiders detail that she knows people make mistakes and it seems that she’s particularly forgiving toward Kanye during these types of controversies due to her commitment to keeping her family together.

Over the past few days since the controversial slavery comment, Kim has retweeted several posts on Twitter that are positive toward her husband. As for Kanye, he recently tweeted that he can still feel the love. In another post, he tweeted that “if you’re in the way of your own life you’ll end up in the way of other people’s lives too.” Can Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West remain united as a couple, despite these controversies and challenges, for the sake of their children North, Saint, and Chicago? It looks like Kim and Kanye are doing their best and their fans are certainly rooting for them.