Kendall Jenner & Kacey Musgraves Appear To Trade Shots On Instagram Over Lingerie Pic

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Kendall Jenner and Kacey Musgraves seem to be in something of an Instagram war and their weapon of choice is a sexy lingerie photo. Fans of Musgraves screenshotted an Instagram posted from Kacey in which she reposted a photo of Kendall on a New York City balcony dressed in nothing but her underwear. Except in Kacey’s post, Kendall’s face is blurred out. Shots fired! Or were they?

As People Magazine notes, it looks like Kendall shot first. In the original post on Kendall’s Instagram, Kacey’s face is on a billboard behind her and it’s blurred out. Kacey has since deleted her post, but Kendall still has her photo up. That could be interpreted as defiance on her part or it could all be a big misunderstanding.

On Twitter, Kendall wrote that she didn’t edit the picture and that Kacey is one of her favorite artists.

“Yoooo, I was working all day and didn’t edit this photo! Kacey is literally my f*ckin fav! Space cowboy, I Miss You, Keep it to yourself, FOLLOW YOUR ARROW!! bangers!! ask anyone of my homies I die for her!”

So, if Kendall wasn’t trying to be shady, how did Kacey’s face get blurred out? People Mag suggests that it could have been the unintentional result of someone’s use of portrait mode’s photo blur feature.

Kacey likely heard/saw that her face was blurred out in the photo and decided to retaliate by blurring out Kendall’s face in her post. Musgraves also may have removed her post when she saw/heard about Kendall’s tweet about being a fan of hers and there not being any malice behind the face blur.

People reports that the photo of Jenner is a behind the scenes snap of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star getting ready for an appearance. As The Inquisitr recently reported Jenner has been notably absent from fashion runways in February, sparking rumors that she might be pregnant. Celebrity rumor watchdog, Gossip Cop, debunked those claims.


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But it looks like Jenner is back on the scene. In an Instagram photo posted on May 2, the highest paid fashion model in the world hinted that she will be attending The Met Gala on May 7. She has also been seen at multiple red carpet appearances this week, People notes