Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Find Bodyguard Father Rumors ‘Hilarious’

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Like something straight out of the Maury Show, Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and their adorable daughter Stormi are a hot and trending topic all over social media because many fans believe Travis isn’t really the baby daddy. In fact, many believe Tim Chung – who Jenners’ followers are referring to as her “hot” bodyguard – looks a lot more like baby Stormi than Travis does.

As Inquisitr previously reported, this viral conspiracy theory started to spread across social media after a picture with Kylie and Chung standing beside each other started to make rounds on several social media platforms. Once the picture started to pick up traction, it didn’t take long for fans to point out that Tim looked a great deal like Stormi. From there, fans began to question if it was possible that it wasn’t Travis – but Tim – he was the actual father of Jenner’s baby girl.

Hollywood Life reports that Scott and Jenner do not appear to be letting the paternity rumors get them down too much. In fact, the two are laughing off the viral conspiracy theory as “hilarious.”

“Kylie thinks it’s hilarious that fans think her bodyguard could be her baby daddy and not Travis. Travis even got a huge kick out of it and laughed at the outrageous meme. Babies can look like anyone when they’re that young, so Kylie and Travis think it is stupid that people are drawing that connection and haven’t even given it a second thought.”

Both Kylie and Travis maintain a baby can look like just about anyone when they are young. The two find it a little baffling and “stupid” that people would come to a conclusion about the paternity of their daughter so quickly.

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According to Heavy, Tim Chung has a pretty decorated resume which includes being a Los Angeles police officer, Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard, and part-time modeling. Tim has worked with the Kardashian-Jenner family for several years now. It was a month after Stormi was born that some Kardashian-Jenner followers began to question what type of relationship the modeling bodyguard had with Kylie.

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Chung has a pretty healthy following on Instagram which has grown to just shy of 300,000 followers since the conspiracy theory started to spread. As most would expect, a lot of Chung’s recent pictures on his Instagram are littered with comments questioning whether or not he is the father of Stormi.


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Travis and Kylie welcomed their daughter into the world on February 1. Kylie, however, hasn’t wasted any time with future family planning with her boyfriend Scott as she wants a big family. The duo has expressed an interest in wanting to have a son as Travis really wants someone he can “teach how to be a man” and Kylie really wants Stormi to have a younger brother.