Latest ‘Southern Charm’ Episode Shows First Cracks In Thomas Ravenel’s Current Relationship

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Last week was the first time in the current season of Southern Charm that Thomas Ravenel showed signs that everything was not quite as peachy at home with his sometimes live-in girlfriend Ashley Jacobs. Ravenel had presented Jacobs to his group of friends at Shep’s birthday party and spoke of how happy he was with this mature partner, but viewers of the show started to see the cracks last week when in a confessional, Ravenel said he needed some space when Ashley was reluctant for Thomas to go out to a bar without her, fearing that women couldn’t resist Ravenel.

Viewers Are Starting To See Cracks In Thomas Ravenel’s Southern Charm Relationship

But this week on the Southern Charm episode called “Pulp Friction,” Thomas doesn’t beat around the bush and hint that he needs space. Instead, he tells Southern Charm creator Whitney Sudler Smith and his mama, Charleston Lady of the Manor Patricia Altschul, that he has discovered things he doesn’t like about Ashley Jacobs, says FitsNews.

“I see a side to her I don’t necessarily like,” Thomas confides in Whitney and Patricia. “Sometimes she’s not that sweet, friendly girl.”

Ravenel seemed to miss the part where he convinced Ashley to drop everything to move across the country (she calls herself a Cali Girl) to live with him part-time with no job and zero pay from Bravo.

In A Southern Charm Episode, Thomas Ravenel Admitted He Didn’t Like Everything About Ashley

Thomas Ravenel continued while Southern Charm played flashbacks of less than subtle talk from Ashley, suggesting that after dating for nearly six weeks, she wanted to get married and have children with Ravenel. Thomas attributes her pushiness to the fact that Ashley is a northerner. He complains that Ashley is needy, too direct, and maybe a bit thirsty.

In one of her own rare voice-overs, Patricia Altschul states that it is the ultimate irony that someone as flawed as Ravenel seeks perfection in a mate. She is irked that Ravenel makes a joke about marriage.

“Why buy the cow when you’re getting the milk for free?”

Bad Press Has Impacted Thomas Ravenel’s New Relationship

Even before the season of Southern Charm started last month, Thomas Ravenel had presented Ashley as a perfect partner, the “anti-Kathryn,” and thought that Southern Charm fans would embrace her. But instead, through Bravo editing, Ashley did not make a good first impression, screaming at Kathryn in a glimpse at the last episode of the season, calling her an “egg donor” and suggesting that after two months, she was more of a mother to Kathryn’s children than she was, says People.

In that scene, Thomas puts his arms around Ashley in support, turning on the mother of his children. This season, even those who were not #teamkathryn in the past seem to be supporting the 26-year-old single mom and turning on Ravenel, 55. Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs have been fighting back against bad press, including the accusation that Ravenel paid a woman $200k to make a sexual assault lawsuit go away.

A model and realtor, Ashley Perkins says that Ravenel sexually assaulted her mother on a first date and that her mother hired famed feminist lawyer Gloria Allred to handle her case. Perkins’ mother published a statement before the agreement was signed, saying that Ravenel needs to understand that no means no.

“Thomas cannot assume he has the right and privilege to touch a woman any way he wants just because he feels like it. If a woman says no, he is like a little toddler and needs to learn to respect that word.”

But it seems that the coverage of Thomas Ravenel’s #MeToo crisis along with other negative posts has led to both Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs making their social media pages private to avoid being tagged in negative posts. One Southern Charm fan tweeted that Ashley’s dramatic weight loss must be due to stress.

“Yall, maybe we need to lay off Ashley. The girl is clearly going through some stuff, shes dropped some dramatic amount of weight since filming.”