‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly May Finally Get A Clue About Nelle, Or Maybe Not

This week on General Hospital, Carly was sitting at the MetroCourt bar fretting over the fact that she may indeed be going crazy. Sonny hasn’t been much help as he thinks all of the stuff going on is in her head. Even Bobbie thinks so as well. Lucy was more of a comfort than anyone else, and she is the one who is unknowingly holding the evidence that could give Carly a huge clue that someone is messing with her. Unfortunately, the Carly haunting will continue on Friday as spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that she will receive some type of invitation.

This will most likely come from Nelle once again and written in that invisible ink that will disappear quickly. If Carly was thinking straight, she would know to gather evidence by whipping out her phone to snap a picture of it. If she had done that with the scarf and the note that led her to Morgan’s grave, everyone wouldn’t think it was all in her mind. But clearly, Carly is too frazzled by the thought of Morgan trying to reach out to her to think straight. On Friday’s General Hospital, she will tell Sonny that Nelle has an agenda. Maybe things will finally click when Carly thinks hard on Nelle’s agenda for the family.

You would think that Carly would finally realize that it could be Nelle who is behind her haunting. After all, she was immediately suspicious of her at the PCPD when Nelle announced that she wanted Carly to have custody of her and Michael’s baby. That should give her a huge clue right there that if anyone is behind this Morgan haunting, it would be Nelle Hayes.

General Hospital spoilers also say that a few of the long overdue storylines will finally come to a head. Many fans are getting tired of Nelle’s plan to get Carly out of the way and just want it to be over with. They may get their wish soon enough. There are rumors swirling that Nelle really isn’t pregnant after all, but that is unlikely unless Dr. Kim Nero is in on this scheme.

May sweeps could see Nelle’s baby being born. Hopefully, Carly will figure things out before that happens. Stay tuned to General Hospital to see if Carly really does get a clue that Nelle is behind this.