‘Lightseekers Awakening’ Review: Nature Starter Deck Impresses

The 'Lightseekers Awakening' Nature Starter Deck is a fantastic option for players looking to get into 'Lightseekers.'

Lightseekers / Lightseekers.cards

The 'Lightseekers Awakening' Nature Starter Deck is a fantastic option for players looking to get into 'Lightseekers.'

The Nature Starter Deck is one of six preconstructed decks from Play Fusion‘s Lightseekers. The deck comes with a how-to-play insert, paper play mat, cardboard deck box, life counter marker, and a booster pack from the game’s first set, Lightseekers Awakening.

Hero (1):
1 Treanu
Combos (5):
1 Regrowth
1 Fungal Spores
1 Vine Lash
1 Beast Control
1 Life Binding
Buffs (11)
1 Insect Swarm
1 Tree Sprout
1 Spectral Mantix
1 Soul of War
2 Mossridge Defender
1 Fungal Leecher
2 Stumpdrift Shaman
2 Corvid Conspiracy
Attack/Defend (19)
1 Old Oak
2 Mantix Raider
2 Oakthorn Warrior
2 Spirit Mob
2 Reckless Spirit
2 Infected Wasp
1 Forest Mender
1 Spore Feeder
2 Umbron Informant
2 Frenzied Kreebal
2 Sneaky Kreebal

It’s the five exclusive cards found only in the Lightseekers Awakening Nature Starter Deck that are the real draw here. Treanu alone is a compelling reason to pick this deck up. Treanu is an extremely powerful Hero card for players who enjoy multiplayer games. Read our full review about Treanu here.

We must admit that Insect Swarm didn’t seem like the most impressive card at first glace. After playing the Lightseekers for the past few weeks, one thing became abundantly apparent: Buffs that don’t rotate are incredibly strong. Insect Swarm deals one damage every turn, and the earlier you draw and play it, the larger effect it’ll have on your game.

In a deck where your Hero’s ability causes your rival to heal, Insect Swarm helps mitigate Treanu’s main drawback. And if you’re looking to create a constructed deck for competitive play, Insect Swarm is a must-have for Nature players. It’s also an exclusive card that you won’t be able to find in booster packs.

Insect Swarm from “Lightseekers Awakening.” Lightseekers / Lightseekers.cards

Regrowth is another exclusive card to the Lightseekers Awakening Nature Starter Deck. This Combo Defend card will heal you for five and allow you to play two Buffs from your Discard pile. Getting back your two most powerful cards, such as the above mentioned Insect Swarm your opponent finally managed to remove, along with any other great rare Buff that you may have discarded will help you turn the tables on your adversary.

Regrowth from “Lightseekers Awakening.” Lightseekers / Lightseekers.cards

While it isn’t one of the five exclusive cards from the Lightseekers Awakening Nature Starter Deck, Spectral Mantix is the deck’s MVP. This rare Soul Buff deals damage equal to its rotation value and will Restart whenever you are Healed for one or more. With so many cards that heal you in the deck, Spectral Mantix has a tendency to linger on the board far longer than three turns.

Spectral Mantix from “Lightseekers Awakening.” Lightseekers / Lightseekers.cards

Tree Sprout is another exclusive rare card featured in the Lightseekers Awakening Nature Starter Deck. This Soul Buff allows you to heal for its rotation value and also draw a card. While you’ll only heal for three and draw two cards from Tree Sprout by itself, those two cards are a slight amount of card advantage. Tree Sprout will trigger any other buffs that refer to healing, such as Spectral Mantix. If you have a way of resetting Tree Sprout, you’ll be able to draw even more cards and keep your triggered abilities chaining into each other.

Tree Sprout from “Lightseekers Awakening.” Lightseekers / Lightseekers.cards

Old Oak is the fifth exclusive card you’ll find in the Lightseekers Awakening Nature Starter Deck. This Soul Defend action card allows you to Restart any two action buffs. Old Oak pairs well with the aforementioned Tree Sprout, and any other action buff about to expire. We’re looking at you Beast Control.

Old Oak from “Lightseekers Awakening.” credit

Overall, the Lightseekers Awakening Nature Starter Deck provides a solid foundation for players who’re looking to build a Nature deck without spending a massive amount of money on booster packs. With a little time trading and a few small purchases from the game’s budding secondary market, you’ll be able to transform it into a much more competitive deck.