‘Days Of Our Lives’ Actor Eric Martsolf Celebrates Jen Lilley’s Return To Show, Fans Ecstatic ‘She’s Back’

Days of Our Lives fans have been impatiently awaiting the return of Jen Lilley’s character, Theresa Donovan, to the show. Theresa Donovan and Brady Black, played by actor Eric Martsolf, were considered a power couple. Fans of the NBC soap opera coupled the two together as “Thrady” until actress Jen Lilley left DOOL in November, 2016. There have been many references made of her character on the show, however, nobody has heard from her since she left Salem.

When Theresa left Brady, he was heartbroken. It took him a long time to function again and even longer to build trust for another woman. DOOL fans have been hoping for Jen Lilley to return to her role as Theresa for quite some time, but it was just a hopeful commentary until recently.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, actress Jen Lilley announced on Twitter that she would, in fact, be returning to Days of Our Lives. Soap Opera Digest informed their readers that Lilley had already begun filming for DOOL at the time of her social media post.

Days of Our Lives fans were ecstatic to find out that Theresa Donovan would be returning to Salem in time for May sweeps. Well, May is in full effect and Theresa’s first appearance on the show is scheduled for Friday, May 4.

In celebration of Lilley’s return to NBC daytime television, Eric Martsolf, who plays Brady Black on Days, posted a black-and-white image of Jen Lilley and himself on Instagram for his followers to see. He captioned it with a simple “she’s back.”

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With over 7,000 likes at the time of this article, and rapidly increasing, Eric Martsolf’s Instagram post was very well received. Martsolf’s followers are thrilled to hear of Theresa’s return to Days of Our Lives, and Tate is going to be excited to see his mother again. One comment on Eric Martsolf’s post reads as follows.

“Absolutely cannot wait until she comes walking back into the Kiriakis mansion to reclaim what’s hers. Brady and Tate desperately need her. She’s gonna have a lot of explaining to do but, so will Victor and his men.”

Another Instagram follower talked about how lonely the show has been without Theresa in it, stating that “it’s about time Theresa came back to shake things up!” From the tone of the comments, it seems as if many DOOL fans are in agreement. Jen Lilley recently sent out a video tweet, letting people know how close her return to Salem actually is.

The return of Jen Lilley to Days of Our Lives will most certainly shake things up. A majority of fans agree that it is a most welcome and much-anticipated twist to the show.