‘Days Of Our Lives’ May 3 Episode Recap: Chad Gets Emotional Over Truth About Andre, Chloe In Real Danger

Today’s Days of Our Lives episode featured Chad getting extremely emotional over the truth about Abby. Kate told Chad that “Stefan has a lot to answer for, but he is not responsible for what is wrong with Abigail.” Kate also told Chad that Abby has Multiple Personality Disorder. Chad didn’t want to believe that Abby is truly sick. He wanted to blame Stefan because that is an easier concept for him to grasp.

At this point on today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Kate told Chad about Abigail’s alternate personalities, Gabby and Dr. Laura. Chad began to blame Stefan again, but Kate told Chad that Marlena has diagnosed Abby. Marlena believes that Andre’s death caused her Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID).

Chad believed that Abigail was too strong to have a mental breakdown. Kate agreed that Andre’s death alone wouldn’t fracture Abigail’s psyche. Abigail is as tough as they come and the grief wouldn’t break her unless she was the one who actually killed Andre.

Chad was distraught. He didn’t want to believe that his wife could have killed Andre, and he doesn’t know how to help her. Viewers of Days of Our Lives today cheered Kate on as she encouraged Chad to fight for Abby. Chad agreed to fight for the love that he shares with his wife. He is determined to fight for the family that they have built together with their son, Thomas.

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On the other side of Salem, Marlena was determined to help Abby. Dr. Laura, one of Abby’s alternate personalities, walked into Marlena’s office. She admitted to Marlena and John that she was the one that cut off the air supply to the room in the tunnels.

Marlena tried her best to convince Dr. Laura to allow Abby to come out and speak with her. When Dr. Laura refused, Marlena came out and asked directly, “Did Abigail kill Andre?” Dr. Laura denied the allegations, although Days of Our Lives viewers know that she is hiding the truth.

Eventually, Dr. Laura grew tired of speaking with Marlena and got up to leave. She informed Marlena that, if the police can’t charge Abby with murder before the holding period is over, she will leave and take Abby far, far away from Salem where nobody can find her.

One character who is currently far away from Salem is Chloe. Held at gunpoint and threatened, Chloe has left behind everyone she cares about to sing in an opera for a mystery man. She finds herself locked in a room in Mexico City.

Miguel entered the room, again waving a gun around. He told Chloe that if she doesn’t do as his boss wishes, and if Lucas attempts to rescue her, she will witness Lucas’ head on a platter. Miguel then told Chloe to prepare for his boss to arrive. When the door opened, fans were unable to see who entered, however, Chloe seemed to recognize them immediately.

Brady is still admitted to the hospital. As he lay in bed, he spent his time trying to convince everyone that he hasn’t been drinking. Maggie believed him and attempted to talk to Eve, who was waiting outside Brady’s door. Lucas believed that Brady was sober as well. He would have noticed him drinking at Doug’s Place, especially if he had consumed enough to give him alcohol poisoning.

Lucas attempted to speak to Eve, but not so much about Brady. He was curious as to why Chloe left town so suddenly. He felt as if something were wrong and headed out the door, telling Eve that he was going to go to Mexico City to bring Chloe back. He headed to Doug’s Place to look for Chloe but all he found were the bottles of alcohol behind the bar. Maggie then found Lucas sitting at the bar fighting his demons. He was having a weak moment and Days of Our Lives fans hope that he can remain strong.