G-Eazy Arrested For Asssault, Coacaine Possession In Sweden

Patricia Grannum

G-Eazy has been arrested in Stockholm, Sweden. TMZ reports that the "No Limit" rapper was partying and "acting belligerent" at a club in the city on Wednesday night after a performance. According to TMZ, When security asked him to simmer down, G-Eazy escalated the violence and punched one of the bouncers in the face several times. He was later arrested and that's when police discovered the cocaine in his pocket. The official reason for his arrest is suspicion of assault, use of narcotics, and possession of narcotics. He is reportedly still in custody.

In a video of the arrest obtained by TMZ, you can see G-Eazy -- real name, Gerald Earl Gillum -- being led to a police car. In another video, you can hear his girlfriend, Halsey, yelling that she was hit in the face. TMZ's sources say she may have been hit during the fracas with security inside the club. Videos from earlier that night show Gillum handing out shots and partying with Halsey and singer Sean Kingston. Prior to the arrest, Kingston shared a photo of himself partying with the rapper.

Gillum is still in police custody. According to The Blast, he will remain in custody until he goes in front of a judge. In Sweden, courts have already closed so he won't have a chance to do so until Friday.

"I think that he is probably suspected of violence against an official and that there is also a risk that the suspect will deviate or otherwise avoid lawsuit or punishment," Swedish prosecutor Carl Mellberg said of the G-Eazy incident during a radio interview.

Stockholm was the first stop on G-Eazy's The Beautiful & Damned Europe tour and he's due to be in Copenhagen on May 6.

But his career continued nonetheless. These Things Happen, his first album under a major record company entered the U.S. Billboard 200 chart at No. 3. He also clinched a number one hit on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. As The Famous People noted, the album sold 250,000 copies in the U.S. in approximately a year, and was awarded a Gold certification from RIAA.