‘Alaskan Bush People’ Canceled: Rumors Abound That This Season Is The Last One, Per ‘TVInsider’

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If there’s one thing about the Alaskan Bush People, it’s that they’re going to make the news no matter what they say or do.

The Brown family, originally from the so-called “Alaskan bush,” has gone from obscurity and living off the land, to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and back again.

And in between, they had to watch their matriarch, Ami Brown, beat a deadly and aggressive form of cancer, had a falling-out with Noah Brown, and weathered rumors and unsubstantiated claims from close friends and network executives alike.

Now, according to TVInsider, this just may be the very last season of Alaskan Bush People we’ll all be able to enjoy.

There was trouble brewing in the air when Discovery Networks announced that they would be ordering episodes of a new series called Book of Hines, which is a show all about a family that lives off the grid, in the wilderness of their state.

Sound familiar?

The patriarch of the Hines family is a self-proclaimed “military man and covert intelligence officer Brett Hines,” which is also eerily similar to how the Brown patriarch describes himself.

There’s even a Joshua Hines, who is remarkably similar in personality to Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown.

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And the final clue that Discovery is looking to ditch Alaskan Bush People?

The mere name — Book of Hines — seems like it’s a hat-tip to some re-runs of the original Brown family shows.

As was previously reported, when Discovery Networks got a whole new “regime change” and put new people in charge of original programming — which came shortly after the company acquired Scripps Networks, the parent company of such networks as HGTV, DIY Network, and the Food Network — there were some rumblings about the Brown family going off the air, especially when it was reported that the show’s original season premiere date of May 11 was “delayed, indefinitely.”

This led many fans to believe that they wouldn’t be seeing the Brown family on their televisions anymore, and would have to — perhaps — resort to streaming services to get their Alaskan Bush People fix.

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For now, only time will tell when — or if — we’ll see the Alaskan Bush People on our television screens again.