Melania Trump Divorce: Melania Feels Anxiety As Donald Defends Stormy Daniels Payout, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Manuel Balce CenetaAP Images

Melania Trump is reportedly filled with anxiety as Donald publicly defends his payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels, leading to new rumors that divorce could be in the cards for the First Couple.

Any chance of the Stormy Daniels scandal going away appeared to be crushed this week when the president and his surrogates started to attack the issue head-on, offering what appeared to be justification for paying $130,000 in hush money to the adult film star who claims she had an affair with Trump. This comes as Hollywood Life reports that Melania Trump is “paralyzed with fear” over the Daniels affair, and speculation is mounting that he could be leaving her husband.

The report claimed that the scandal has Melania sinking into a protective shell within the White House.

“Melania feels paralyzed with anxiety by all of her husbands embarrassing actions and his latest lawsuit involving Stormy Daniels,” a source close to the couple told Hollywood Life. “Melania has to be very careful about what she says and to whom. She feels like she can’t answer any question honestly and she is always restraining herself from her true feelings. She has not been calm or relaxed since becoming first lady and the new Stormy Daniels lawsuits have only made things worse.”

And things may have gotten even worse with regard to the Stormy Daniels affair. After the raid of Trump’s lawyer-cum-fixer Michael Cohen, the president has been increasingly vocal about the payment. This week, Trump’s new legal team member Rudy Giuliani admitted that Trump did, in fact, pay Cohen back the $130,000 that the lawyer gave to Daniels in exchange to keep quiet about the affair. That contradicted the previous stance from the White House that Trump knew nothing about the payment, and came just before a report from NBC News that federal investigators have been wire-tapping Cohen and captured a phone call to the White House.

That prompted Donald Trump to take to Twitter on Thursday, digging deeper into the Stormy Daniels affair and claiming that it was not an illegal campaign contribution.

The sudden interest by Trump’s team in discussing the Stormy Daniels affair publicly has also increased buzz that Melania Trump may be seeking a divorce. Though the First Lady has remained quiet on the rumors, many others are predicting — and many others encouraging — that she will leave the president.

Tomi Ahonen, a motivational speaker and business leader, tweeted a (likely) tongue-in-cheek prediction that Melania will file for divorce before the month is out.

But for her part, Melania Trump has not given any official indication that she is planning to divorce Donald Trump.