‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Fans React To Latest Moves In Ongoing Liam, Bill, Steffy, And Hope Saga

Richard ShotwellInvision/AP Images

The ongoing drama surrounding Liam and Steffy on The Bold and the Beautiful is definitely generating passionate reactions among the fans. Bill is determined to be with Steffy, even using Wyatt to try to make it happen, and Liam thought he was ready to choose Steffy over Hope until he heard from Wyatt about what was seemingly still going on behind his back. Who are Bold and Beautiful fans rooting for in all of this and how are they reacting to these latest moves?

This is a storyline that definitely divides Bold and Beautiful viewers. There are plenty of “Lope” fans who want to see Liam and Hope together, while there are a lot of viewers who are having a hard time accepting Annika Noelle as the new Hope and don’t want to see these two characters together at all.

One common theme among Bold and Beautiful viewers is that the show seems to be revolving around Liam at this point, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. The writers once again have Scott Clifton’s character acting fairly wishy-washy and resistant to making a commitment and a fair number of B&B supporters are noting that they’re anxious to see other characters move back to the forefront.

A frequent criticism toward Bold and Beautiful these days is that Liam needs to take more responsibility for how this mess was created, as it was his kiss with Sally that set the stage for Steffy’s one-night fling with Bill. Some point out, as well, that as Liam is criticizing every interaction that Bill and Steffy have, he’s getting cozier and cozier by the day with Hope.

As for the character of Steffy, Bold and Beautiful numerous viewers are frustrated with her as well. Some are resistant to seeing a “Steam” reunion because they feel that Steffy has manipulated, begged, and guilt-tripped Liam into reuniting with her. Fans of the actress, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, are frustrated by how Steffy is being written. “Team Steffy” folks contend that she’s ultimately a fierce, independent, and strong woman who is instead being written as someone who is weak, needy, and whiny.

It seemingly boils down to the fact that viewers are having a hard time finding anyone to root for when it comes to this storyline. There are numerous complaints across social media that it feels as if every character outside of this quartet has been pushed to the backburner and people wonder when the writers will take note and change course.

Will Bill get his way and end up with Steffy, leaving Hope and Liam together, or are Steffy and Liam destined to be a couple so they can raise their child together? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that there are still plenty of wild moves and intense bits of drama on the way with this storyline and it’ll be interesting to see how long viewers will stick with it.