Miley Cyrus Shares Details About Living With Liam Hemsworth: He Likes To Prank Her And Thinks She’s A Hoarder

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Miley Cyrus is getting more comfortable talking about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. As reported by Elle, Miley Cyrus opened up on what life with The Hunger Games star is like during her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Like most couples, Miley, 25, and Liam, 28, have their little quirks that can be either considered annoying or endearing. Two of their habits also turn the home that they share into a bit of a war zone; Miley has to worry about being ambushed by Liam, while he has to avoid tripping over her piles of collectibles.

Miley Cyrus told Jimmy Kimmel that Liam Hemsworth considers her a hoarder, while she believes that she’s more of a collector. She admits that there is a fine line between the two, but she’s come up with her own way to distinguish hoarding from collecting. As long as an item — food, in particular — is still packaged, then it’s being collected, not hoarded.

She used a package of peanuts that she got on a Southwest Airlines flight as an example. According to Miley, she’s kept that container of legumes for 15 years because of it has sentimental value to her; she got them when she was on her way to Los Angeles to audition for her life-changing role on Hannah Montana.

My little angel and I.

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Miley Cyrus’s tendency to “collect” things that she likes extends to Christmas decorations. The singer said that she has a hard time putting them away because she likes “shiny things and elves.” She also revealed that Santa makes her “feel safe,” so her Christmas decorations were still up as of this May. When she finally began taking them down to her “creepy” basement, Liam Hemsworth decided to scare her so badly that she may start keeping her holiday decorations up year-round from now on — if she can drum up the courage to go back down to the basement to get them, that is.

“I was coming up to say ‘Oh my god, that basement is so scary,’ and then he jumped out at the worst time,” Miley said.

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The result of Liam’s sneak attack on Miley was a candid Instagram video that the couple’s fans absolutely fell in love with. Liam decided to film Miley’s reaction to his prank and his reaction to her reaction, which was a delighted laugh and a huge grin.

“F*ck you, I hate you, I was already scared,” Miley Cyrus said after exiting the spooky basement only to get the fright of her life from Liam Hemsworth.

Miley revealed that Liam pranks her like this all the time, and she doesn’t understand how he can be “around every corner.” Unfortunately, she can never scare him back because she’s too noisy. If Santa really does make her feel safe, maybe her best bet is to carry one of her Kris Kringle Christmas decorations around with her whenever she’s walking around the house. Or she could always put some jingle bells on Liam.

You can check out the video of Liam Hemsworth pranking Miley Cyrus below beginning at the three-minute mark.