Teddi Mellencamp Talks Real-Life ‘RHOBH’ Friendships And The Two Women She Just Couldn’t Connect With

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp recently wrapped her first season of the Bravo reality show, and now she’s setting the record straight on her newfound friendships—and her feuds. In a new interview with AOL Entertainment, the freshman Real Housewives star admitted she didn’t know what to expect when she signed on to the eighth season of the Bravo reality show.

Teddi Mellencamp was frequently at odds with RHOBH veterans Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley, but she also formed friendships with several of the other stars as the season played out. Mellencamp also verified that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is “a true story” and that it is not scripted in any way.

“It’s actually what’s happening, and it plays out the way that it actually happened,” Teddi told AOL. “Nobody is coaching you. You’re going in blind, living your life the way you’re going to live it and that’s how it’s shown.”

While she didn’t immediately bond with all of the women on the RHOBH cast, Teddi revealed that from the very beginning, Lisa Vanderpump always had her back.

“Lisa was always checking in on me and being nice to me,” Mellencamp said. “I have nothing but respect for her… She’s a really well-rounded person. People say she throws digs, but she’s doing it with humor and that’s what the show is about. The same goes for the confessionals. If you throw a little shade in a confessional or on a tweet, as long as you’re not malicious, come on. Everyone’s doing it. And Lisa owns it.”

Teddi Mellencamp revealed that two of her closest new friends from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna. And the three women don’t just hang out together when Bravo’s cameras are around, either.

“Kyle and Lisa Rinna I talk to a lot,” Teddi said.

“Lisa Rinna and I are both big into SoulCycle, so we love that. Kyle and I are very similar, and we are both over-thinkers. We’re great about balancing each other out and talking things out. Lisa Rinna, Kyle, and I were just in Coachella together! We have true, good friendships. I love hanging around them, because they’re strong, smart, successful women. And neither one of them takes themselves too seriously.”

Teddi Mellencamp
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But Teddi stopped short of calling Erika Jayne a bestie. Mellencamp admitted that she never “felt comfortable” with the 46-year-old pop singer, a revelation that shouldn’t surprise viewers after watching the cast’s Vegas trip. In that episode, Teddi called out Erika to tell her she made her uncomfortable. There was also “hotelgate,” when Erika ditched plans to stay at Teddi’s beach house and checked into a hotel instead.

In the AOL interview, Mellencamp said she at first blamed herself for the awkward relationship with Erika because she is shy, but then admitted she was confused because Erika’s persona is so opposite of that. Teddi also revealed that Erika just wasn’t as nice to her as the other Real Housewives stars were.

“I think I was confused because the outside is so [over the top], so for her to then be so reserved was confusing to me,” Mellencamp said. “Partially that, but then at the beginning there just wasn’t the same kindness that I felt from some of the other women.”

Teddi also pointed to Dorit Kemsley, who butted heads with her over champagne glass etiquette and stood her up for a drink date at one point. While Teddi initially didn’t think Dorit said things that were intentionally malicious towards her, in retrospect she does think “there have been some things that make it feel intentional and that hurts.”

You can see Teddi Mellencamp and the rest of the Housewives attempt to hash things out during the reunion episodes which will play out over the next few weeks. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Mondays on Bravo.