Inauguration 2013: SitOrSquat App Will Help You Find A Restroom

If you plan to attend the 2013 Presidential Inauguration ceremony and think you might need a little help finding a restroom – the SitOrSquat app might be just what you need.

The free restroom finder mobile app by Charmin can point you in the direction of the closest public bathrooms located in your vicinity. The nifty app will even narrow the search down to the cleanest restrooms based on user reviews.

According to a press release by Charmin, between 600,000 and 800,000 people are expected to attend the Capital for the 2013 Inauguration. However, only 1,500 port-a-potties have reportedly been secured for public usage. The possible shortage of available restrooms has prompted the company to encourage downloads of its SitOrSquat app.

The January 18 press release by Charmin states:

“SitOrSquat by Charmin is a free mobile app available for iPhone®, iPod Touch® and Android™ that consists of user-generated content and currently contains more than 125,000 restrooms across the country. Those in attendance of the President’s public swearing-in can use the SitOrSquat app to find restrooms in the area, or even populate the database with new found locations. The app also allows users to find restrooms equipped with specific features, such as changing tables and handicap access.”

An amusing feature of the SitOrSquat app is the ability to rate public restrooms on a “Sit” or “Squat” scale. Rating a bathroom “Sit” means that you enjoyed the experience while “Squat” is reserved for locations that could be improved. Users have the ability to post opinions and even upload pictures. You can even share the information and photos on Facebook.

Restroom Finder App

Would you use the SitOrSquat mobile app to help find a public restroom at events like the 2013 Presidential Inauguration?