Brinks Truck Drops Bags Of Money Onto Interstate By Accident, Police Asking People To Return Money


During an incident that Indiana State Police are describing like “something out of a movie scene,” a Brinks truck traveling westbound on I-70 accidentally littered the interstate with cash and lots of it. Although initial reports said around $600,000 was scattered on the road, final reports said that the actual amount was not known, according to Fox 59 News.

Once the bags of money started falling onto the ground, it wasn’t long before people were jumping over fences to grab as much money as they could stuff into their pockets. Police Corporal Brock McCooe said that “it’s not every day you see thousands of dollars just floating around on the interstate during your morning commute…so it was pretty chaotic.”

Although some people may have walked away from the incident richer with pockets filled with free cash, police have announced that anyone who picked up any cash is obligated under law to return it. They said that anyone who picked cash up and doesn’t return it can be charged with theft.

Police say that some people have already called to arrange to turn the money back in, and others are calling in with tips with people they saw picking up cash. They are already searching for a bus driver who allegedly grabbed cash and drove away. There’s also a group of four people in a white pickup truck with a utility trailer that is believed to have grabbed an entire bag of money before taking off. The police are also using surveillance footage to find people who took money.

If you choose to return the money, don’t worry about getting in trouble, reported the New York Post. McCooe said that “there’s no questions asked if you’re willing to give it back.”

The cause of the door failure is unknown at this time. The Brinks truck driver had no idea what was going on until someone in a car waved at him to let him know that his door was open. By the time the driver discovered what was going on, tons of people had already scooped up cash.

Brinks is an established company providing armored transportation for businesses that need to move cash or other valuable goods. According to their website, their service is backed by a “state-of-the-art all-risk insurance coverage,” and they also boast that their insurance is the best around. It’s unknown whether the business that lost their cash on the road will recover every last dollar. For now, the police need to wait and see how many people return their loot.